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A Walk in the Dark Review

The Portuguese development team, Flying Turtle, presents A Walk in the Dark, a simple story, which will give us a where and because we are performing the hundred screen where we are stuck, and despite it's good start doesn't progress too much throughout the game, ending up being a mere excuse more than something interesting which enjoy.


The game offers us a total of 100 levels, but they aren't precisely a high difficulty, leaving the game with a duration well below the normal average of this type of games, but the good thing is that those who like to squeeze their games to the maximum, each level challenges us with a time, which we must overcome.


A Walk in the Dark isn't a innovation in terms of playable mechanics, as it picks up in a rather intelligent and well implemented way the essence of many of the frantic platforms games that in recent years have been put back from fashion, such as Super Meat Boy, but masked behind a pristine aesthetic.

The game will make us complete a hundred stages full of platforms and traps in the shortest possible time, being our main challenge to overcome these marks, being below the time that the game proposes us.

But the thing will not be simple, in spite of being something simpler than other games of the sort, since although we will begin with zones of the simpler its worsening will be of a progressive descent until arriving at the end of the game, moment in which we will only remain try to do it in less time, and picking up some of the objects that in the scenarios we will find.

Despite this, and as we said, it's not a particularly difficult game, being more a question of trial and error than anything else. That more than once we will shout at the gods because we have bundled it a second before reaching the goal, which will always make us have to repeat the phase from the beginning.

One thing we have to tell you is that the adventure will consist of two specially differentiated parts. On the right hand, the part in which we will control the cat, which in turn is divided into two types. One in which we must overcome the stages of platforms completely normal and in the shortest time, and another way in which our feline will run without stopping, and we should only focus on overcoming the different obstacles by pressing the jump button.

Passing from the cat part, we will have other phases in which we will control the girl, which unlike the platforms of the cat, we must play with the gravity of the area, which will allow us to pose and move on the objects that best come, to overcome the level, which happens in the same way in the running phase of the cat but without the pressure of not stopping.

Graphics & Design

From the sonorous point of view, we are faced with a minimalist artistic design and quite pristine where the dark or muted tonalities will show their appearance throughout the game.
The design of the characters maintains that minimalist theme, especially Bast, and the effects of smoke that we enjoy every time we die, which will be very often.
As far as the scenarios are concerned, they stand out for their simplicity and good design, where the effects of lights outstrip the rest of the sections, giving us in general an aesthetic section of the most precious and original, that will clash with the Frenetism of the game.

Going to the sound section, there is nothing left to praise the precious piano melodies that will accompany us in the game created by Cody Cook, which will be variable according to the part of the game in which we are, and that will set the tone and give tranquility, that we will have to have to overcome the different phases.


A Walk in the Dark is a good platform game and speed, very fun, and with a technical section quite priceless. But a game that sins of little original playfully, and a relatively low difficulty, which in this type of game we are not accustomed.

Despite these possible problems, say that the game is a great choice for lovers of these games, which you should not miss, as you will enjoy in addition to it's good game mechanics as well as it's incredible artistic design.

  • Game: A Walk in the Dark
  • Developer: Flying Turtle Software
  • Publisher: Flying Turtle 
  • Price: $6.99
  • Size: 545.1 MB
  • Release Date: May 19th 2017
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