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Narcosis Review

The Honor Code study brings us Narcosis, a very special adventure for Xbox one, that develops in the depths of the ocean and that explores the genre of the most claustrophobic terror in such a way that it really makes us feel inside the diving.


Narcosis is an "aquatic nightmare" that will not last more than 4 hours, more if you're thorough in searching out the (fairly well-hidden) 'relics.'. And it's a shame, because at all times we notice that the game is going to lead us to something big ... that doesn't come. And it's a pity that he doesn't reach the "peak" of interest he needs.


At the plot level, this is an adventure that tells us about the experience of a specialist diver, a member of a team whose base is deep in the ocean, completely isolated from the outside world. Some facilities protect them from the unsustainable ocean tonnage, but nothing lasts forever ... As soon as we begin, and accompanied by a story that puts us in action, we are witness to how all the exploration mission that is taking place is going , because they have the bad luck to be near the epicenter of a bestial earthquake that devastates everything in their path, leaving us almost alone (there are some survivors out there, but that will have to be discovered by you) and with very scarce resources to survive. It happens that has opted for an introspective style that somehow reminds The Turing Test.

The gameplay of the title is quite complex, although its learning is quite affordable. To begin with, the controls of the game (in first person) are more or less the same as in any shooter. In this case, the movements are cushioned by the aquatic environment, as expected, which is accompanied by our very heavy and orthopedic suit. We count that with an impeller that makes life more bearable at times when we get around obstacles or where we need some speed. With the controller, we look in all directions, even inside the scuba, where there are indicators of our oxygen level and some elements to guide us. We are armed with a knife, which can be of help to us on occasion, but in general our main resource of combat is our skill, since it has to dodge monsters, to look for routes ... and not to lose us. Because if that happens, we may run out of oxygen.

Luckily or unfortunately, it is not that this resource is scarce. Drowning is often synonymous with having been neglected and we have diverted a lot. Yes, the feeling of overwhelm and suffocation is constant even if we have more than half a bottle. The combat, as we have said before, is almost the last resort, and in fact sometimes it serves no purpose at all if the submarine "bug" that faces us is very large. In addition to this, we will see the experience dotted with moments when we can't do anything except watch how some scene tries to put us the bad body. We would lie to you if we said that the scenes of "terror" come to frighten us, but they do contribute to the atmosphere being oppressive but not being able

Graphics & Design

Technically, Narcosis is a title full of lights and shadows. Yes, effects of light and that, but we don't refer to that aspect; Rather than that we will alike be left open-mouthed and disenchanted with what looks. The characters, whether friends or enemies, enjoy a graphic finish of a few years ago, while the environment, which plays powerfully with drawing carefully in the dark. It's a privilege that a game of modest development has this aspect, which makes it almost a sort of submarine Doom.

In the sound section, we can say that the voices are well interpreted. The music goes something more unnoticed, remaining in a discreet background, but supports the general atmosphere, which in the end is characterized by the recollection. Is a good work, although it's not the most brilliant of its sections.


Being sincere, Narcosis is a great idea executed in half and half. His plot is excellent, but the development of the plot doesn't get to be passionate or surprising. Their scenarios are colorful, full of details, but the characters look like of the last generation. It's oppressive, but it doesn't come to frighten ... Its short duration doesn't become a marvel, although it does remain in our memory its capacity to overwhelm and its environment of solitude.

  • Game: Narcosis
  • Developer: Honor Code
  • Publisher: Honor Code
  • Price: $19.99
  • Size: 7.94 GB
  • Release Date: May 10th 2017
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