Wednesday, May 3

5 Exclusive Xbox Franchises That Should Make a Comeback

With E3 right around the corner, Microsoft is set to fully unveil Xbox Scorpio in it full greatness. With a powerful console unveiling, there need to be some powerful games that can make a statement and want people make Scorpio this holiday seasons "Must-Have" system. Lets take a look at some games that can help get the job done and also bring "gamers" back to Xbox. Read after the break for the list!

To start off our list, we have a very popular OG Xbox game, Crimson Skies. What better was to have old fashion dogfights and take down your foes. At the time of release this was a top played game on Xbox Live and would be a welcome edition to our lineup to the Xbox lineup. Crimson Skies would give gamers something a bit "different" than what is currently available to play and could have some appeal in a comeback.

Next up we need something that will give us some more variety in the lineup. We have Blinx. Now I know alot of people weren't into the first two games in the series, but with some refinements, Blinx can be a fun game to play. The game can be inviting to anyone to pick to play and enjoy.  Blinx can potentially be our "Mario" type game with the right direction. There was always potential in the franchise.

A game that broke sales records at the time on Xbox and even beating out Halo, we have Brute Force. I know this is a game series that was shot down before, but hear me out. With the advent of coop online multiplayer games, Brute Force will be a great game to play with a group of friends. Unfortunate for the time Brute Force did not have online capabilities, but now we do and this game can shine even more in this current day.

Who can forget everyones favorite, potty mouthed squirrel? Conker is a historic series with a great history that can be brought to a new generation of gamers. A new Conker game can provide great nostalgia for old fans and will bring new ones in as well. Coupled with some great online play, Conker can make a comeback and steal everyones hearts again.

If anyone really know me, they would know that I have been a huge advocate for the return of Mechassault to Xbox. Mechassault topped the Xbox Live most played game charts for months on end. This was a great online game to play and had a great variety of mechs. This game also had great DLC that offer new ways to play and great new content that essentially set a standard for this on Xbox. For the time, Mechassault pushed the OG Xbox to its limit in graphics, and would be amazing to see in this day and age.

There are many other great games that can be brought back to Xbox and make gamers want the system. With great power, there need to be great games to go with it. Sometimes we don't need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to having pure fun. Games are called "classics" for a reason. Not saying its okay to keep pumping out the same franchises over and over again. There can be a good balance of old and new ideas to make great games we would all want to play.

Its okay if you disagree with my list. so lets hear what game franchises or type of games would you like to see on Xbox in the near future? Lets discuss in the comments below or join us on our Discord server and chat with the XBLN community all about it. Thanks for reading!


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