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Black & White: Bushido Review

One of the great attractions of Japan is its culture, among which we can see its particular medieval knights: the samurai. These men with armor and various weapons, including the katana, have been the dream of more than one otaku. Today, we analyzed Black and White Bushido, an independent video game in 2D in which to feel like a true samurai of feudal Japan.


The game can offer us a great amount of hours, thanks to its online or local multiplayer, we can enjoy frenetic hours of play, without falling into boredom, For this very reason, the amount of hours the game offers is incalculable, but as Everything, the repetition can get us tired and leave this game saved in our bookstore games


In Black and White Bushido we mainly have two game modes. On the one hand the versus mode, in which we have to face a certain number of contenders that we choose in two ways: game to death, where we will have to add losses to a cap that we choose to win; And then, capture the flag, which as its name indicates, is simply to capture the rival flag and score points. On the other hand, there is the Challenge mode, in which we find several challenges that will be getting more and more difficult. Thus, we can find ourselves with a challenge of surviving for 8 seconds, beating our rival in a certain time, fighting without jumping ...

Otherwise, we have 5 totally different and well designed maps that, although something simple and small, look great with the playable style of the title. That they are simple in design makes them perfect to enjoy hours and hours of play very entertaining and exciting that do not collide in sight. Likewise, we can interact to some extent with our surroundings through the shadow or light zones. If you have chosen the white team you can hide in the light zone and ambush your opponent as if you were a ninja. And the characters, even being "shadows", are great. Do you remember those typical scenes of struggle between two samurai, facing each other and a single thrust between them? Well that is the effect that gets the 2D, since with the 3 dimensions would not be achieved and would remain a heap game

The playable factor is quite simple. You only have to unleash attacks with your sword and hit your opponent, who will fall dead instantly. The simple fact of killing in a single attack not only gives a certain touch of realism - it's logical that if you split in half with a sword you can think of as dead - it puts stress on your body and forces you to be Attentive to the screen and the movements of your rivals at all times. Creating a good strategy that suits your style of play will be the key. You can be brave - or daredevil - and throw yourself at the brute against the rival, or hide and cut in half everything that passes in front of you.

When a game doesn't have a campaign, it gets half the total number of players, since there are - I include myself - those who aren't convinced of free mode or the simple online mode. However, this game is well designed to appeal to all types of audiences. After all, the games are designed to entertain and entertain, and Black and White Bushido achieves it as a very good platform game. Anyone who says that in platform games you have already seen everything, then play this game and change your mind

Graphics & Design

Next to the playable factor we find an impeccable sonorous section. First, the sound effects are simple but realistic. Not having to include a huge amount of sound effects, there are very, very well done. You can almost feel as you cross the enemy with your sword. It even merges with the gameplay while you can take advantage of the sound of footsteps of your enemies to locate them. Finally, the soundtrack adapts to the oriental essence of the game. It has an almost fixed rhythm and is not repetitive, on the contrary, it helps to be more and more hours glued to the screen playing

On the graphics side, this game has very well-designed screens and an atmosphere that accompanies very well the game environment


Black and White Bushido is a game that deserves to be played and offers enough hours of entertainment with a very dynamic and addictive gameplay inspired by the classic samurai combats of the films. The design of the mapping and effects is beautiful and the soundtrack is in line with the playable action. However, in the long run it becomes repetitive and unrepeatable if you do not have close friends. A game highly recommended for fans of the samurai and the Japanese world.


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