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Planetbase Review

May the innocent look of Planetbase call anyone to cheat because it's not a light game, that is surpassed in a walk. It's a survival test based on the management of resources and space. You have to take into account absolutely everything to establish a base on an inhospitable planet and not lower your guard in any moment. Not that it is too difficult, but you can unleash chaos at any time and decimate your population or end it but, after returning to the title screen, you end up starting a new game.


The basic concept is to establish a base in a new world and make it grow as far as you can, or keep it in time. To this are added some concepts that give personality and make it a constant challenge from the beginning. You can not take any step to the crazy thing, but also you are forced to grow. As soon as you start, you should take into account the consumption of oxygen, electricity, water and food if you want to exceed the first day. With three levels of difficulty, the duration of the game depends in the player and how your base grow up in the time.


All this to begin the game and with the lowest difficulty of the three planets there are. Planetbase makes clear that it isn't a casual game since those first moments and in this case it is, highly recommended to follow the tutorial. The first few nights will be as fearsome as those of Minecraft in the face of the constant threat of blackouts.

 If you go beyond the first day you discover that it is necessary to look at a longer term as well, because some structures are exterior and others have to be built following the oxygen route, and this limits the development of the base if you don't count that some installations can't connect, more than with another and are a kind of impasse and with the fact that the workers will have to go later the way to take resources from one place to another and that the interior facilities access only by the locks.

Each type of installation has some modules from which to choose, such as a single or double table in the canteen, the number of beds in the bedroom or different plants and all those decisions affect both the expenditure of resources to build them and to the operation of the base; So if what you collect serves only to produce basic foods, settlers can end up with malnutrition and it is convenient to combine the different foods to produce a balanced meal that keeps your population healthy and happy and occurs at an acceptable rate.

Planetbase maintains the tension in the player very well, and manages to convey the sensation of survival, therefore are especially annoying artificial intelligence failures when you don't control the characters and see that there is some that repeats an installation path to the adjacent connection and return without a specific objective when there are tasks to be performed in the nearest machine - it happens from time to time - and that is something that can be understood if the settler is sick or low of spirit, but not when it comes to robots that roam, while the machines are out of power.

The final objective is to overcome the ten milestones of the game, related to the production, population or popularity of your base, and in doing so unlock the planets of greater difficulty.

Graphics & Design

The first time you see Planetbase, you feel something like the first time you play it; It's difficult in the first moments to connect because it looks somewhat dated and too simple, but in the long run it turns out to be very clear from afar and up close it allows to see the different activities of the settlers, who differ according to their work. You become familiar with them and impact every time they die and you see their name. Less attractive is the interface, which separates from that design to get closer to something more technological and, at the same time, gaudy. 

 The music is generally good, but little varied, but the sounds don't just convince us, with exceptions like the screams of desperate agony of your settlers and the thrashing of the asteroids when striking against your base or its surroundings


The management of Planetbase is deep, intense and demanding. The game certainly gets a challenge to overcome not as many milestones as possible but the personal brand of the previous game, because it does make you see that almost always that failure is because you have made a mistake and can improve it, either, management of resources or the way in which you have distributed the structures for the space in which you have landed.

The Spanish study Madrugaworks has done a good job muddled only by some artificial intelligence failures and a somewhat licious interface. It's a game with personality and is a constant challenge both to achieve some more milestone or to overcome yourself.

  • Game: Planetbase
  • Developer: Madruga Works
  • Publisher: Madruga Works
  • Price: $19.99
  • Size: 651.61 MB
  • Release Date: May 1st 2017
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