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Embers of Mirrim Review

Embers of Mirrim, is the first video game developed by independent studio Creative Bytes Studios, immerses us in a story in which to save the world from a great threat, two proud races must put aside their differences and unite to prevent such disaster. An adventure full of puzzles and secrets to solve to reach our goal.


The game consists of a total of 7 chapters, each based on a completely different place and whose duration will vary depending on how skilled we are with the controls. The first chapters are the easiest and hardly an obstacle to complete, is as we move on them when we realize that Embers of Mirrim is a work not suitable for players who don't know how to control their two hemispheres: the left and the right at a time.


Embers of Mirrim is a game that will test all our ingenuity and skill before the control. Although the platform zones aren't very difficult, the puzzles do get much more complicated, especially in advanced stages where both concepts are mixed in one, and we must constantly interchange between both embers. The great part of the development of the history, will focus on jumping for several platforms at the same time that we complete all the present challenges, in which we will simply have to separate to Mirrim in the ember necessary to advance.

The vast majority of puzzles that we encounter will require that we be precise and skilled in using both the left stick and the right stick. Each of these controls will handle an ember. Some of the most common obstacles are green (ember of light) and purple (ember of darkness) gratings, so we must pass using the correct ember, otherwise we will get an error and we will go back to the beginning. Also, there will be other colorless grids that we must pass without using any of our powers. but stop pushing the buttons of the respective embers will also cause us to start again.

Practically the gameplay of Embers of Mirrim, is based on the resolution of platforms and puzzles, although it also has some phases of combat, very far from what we have been accustomed to. In the confrontations we will use the two embers and doing what is asked in each fight, as this will change according to the circumstances in which we are. If we perform the steps correctly, our enemy will fall immobilized and that is when we will have to hit him. There are a total of 4 final bosses with whom to fight and it's true that they don't pose a great challenge, except for the last two, but it will take us a while to complete them.

Although at specific times there will also be scenes in which we will tend to escape either from an avalanche of snow, or some creature. Situations that will make us complicated at some time, since the options of puzzles increases with each chapter. In these chases, the camera will go from being a side scroll to being tilted towards the back, or front of the doll to give more visibility of the element to dodge present in that screen.

Embers of Mirrim has another type of challenge apart from their puzzles, and is to look for all the glyphs and mates in distress scattered across the levels. Each chapter will have an amount to find, making a total of 28 glyphs and 8 companions (4 white and 4 black). All of them will be hidden in secret paths that aren't easy to find, but a player who enjoys the experience making use of his great dowry of exploration, will come to discover a large part of these during the first game.

Graphics & Design

Creative Bytes Studios, has put all the affection and effort possible to make Embers of Mirrim a powerful title. It's true that at the graphic level we know that it could have come to give a little more, despite it's two and a half years of development. Even so, the studio has been able to capture a world full of fantasy.

We know that in the platforms genre, it's difficult to innovate, so developers are more focused on doing something good and knowing how to give it their personal touch rather than looking for something new. With Embers of Mirrim exactly this happens. Without wanting to mark a before and after, we have scenarios very well designed under an exquisite line of art, making a very diverse composition that mixes multitude of colors in a dark as well as bright palette. It's true that in a couple of concrete situations they tend to be repetitive and sometimes show a poor finish in texturing.

As I said, Embers of Mirrim has a lot of creativity between it's tracks and this is demonstrated in the landscapes and fauna created for the occasion. Highlighting, of course, the protagonist creatures (that seem to be inspired by felines) and the four respective final bosses. All this world of magic has been drawn under the inspiration of films from the 80's, such as The Endless Story. Giving us a beautiful result to watch and enjoy while we play.

Finally, the soundtrack composed by the studio is one of the most important aspects of the title, since without it much of the setting would lose all it's charm. A few bars that unite in a surprising way among the weeds, caves and clashes, always very calm and powerful. Without even altering or softening the experience before the screen, being pleasant to hear, very enjoyable for our beloved eardrums.


Creative Bytes Studios surprises us with a unique platforming and adventure title, an independent cutting game that tastes great and wants to follow the line of other talents. The artistic style on maps and its setting, as well as creatures and a magnificent soundtrack make it one of the great surprises of this 2017.

Embers of Mirrim isn't a title for all players for various reasons like their large amount of skill puzzles, or their lack of narrative through text. But if you are a player to whom these points don't care, then you have found an entertaining product, very beautiful and challenging to enjoy.

  • Game: Embers of Mirrim
  • Developer: Creative Bytes
  • Publisher: Creative Bytes Studios 
  • Price: $19.99
  • Size: 1.78 GB
  • Release Date: May 24th 2017
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