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Shadow Warrior 2 Review

Lo Wang is back and well accompanied! With cooperative multiplayer as a great novelty, Shadow Warrior 2, significantly improves the already brutal action of the original video game, immersing us in one of the improvements and more fun shooter experiences of recent years. Impossible shootings, explosions everywhere and, above all, katanas, crazy swordfights with which it costs not to be impressed.


Although we are alone in an action adventure, that has nothing to envy the original, facing the demons in the company of three friends is an unforgettable experience. The laughter that we have thrown during the about 9 hours that can lead to complete the main campaign of Shadow Warrior 2.
That also, you can add hours of game if we intend to pass the game in all the difficulties available, thanks to the multiplayer, is not at all heavy and has a great replayability


You are free to configure your arsenal as you like, which includes the option to jump to the battlefield with ten white weapons if you feel more comfortable ... although not recommended. And it's not because in this sequel we must take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the enemies: we can encounter resistant monsters or even immune to fire, physical blows or other elements of nature; And then others who are vulnerable to these same attacks. Shadow Warrior 2 is a battlefield in which, over and over again, it's up to us to change the way we fight, alternating between the two weapons in order to defeat our enemies more powerful.

This frenzy, the speed with which the video game takes you to act, is one of the aspects that i like of Shadow Warrior 2, but also is part of one of it's main defects: chaos. I love the wave of death and destruction that surrounds you in a matter of seconds; Explosions, bodies exploding in a thousand pieces, blood, shots, clouds of poison ... but sometimes that chaos can be excessive. Especially when several enemies are gathered, each with their strengths and weaknesses, and you no longer know who you had to strike with the sword of fire, who to shoot with the shotgun or whatever. That it's not something serious; Although when you enjoy the action at its maximum level of difficulty, it can be somewhat frustrating. More taking into account that the enemies move at a speed devil, forcing you to dodge and seek coverage at an extreme level.

You will not see me complaining about it. Old school action; A challenging shooting game, of those that force you to react to the attack of dozens of enemies with a millimeter precision. On this occasion, in addition, in some open, oversized stages, where hundreds, thousands of monsters are waiting impatiently to hunt us. And this is another detail that, in it's way, improves the sensations with the video game. It's not only a question of space, but above all, how it's used. Levels gain vertically; You have many more positions from which to attack and protect you from enemies who also know how to take advantage of the scenarios. It's true that sometimes artificial intelligence has flaws, turning the demons into skinheads who do not know very well what to do; But as a rule, you will suffer a real hell when several monsters chase after you, crossing obstacles with the same agility with which you move.

There are so many improvements and advances in this sequel, that it's hard not to get excited about it. It's a fantastic video game, not without failures, but so fun and addictive, that you immediately relegate your mistakes to the background to enjoy their intense and crazy action. We miss a greater variety of missions, in the end both the main and the secondary pose the same objectives, and more fighting against heads, because they are so spectacular, that it's impossible not to want more of them. The plot, in the line of the original, is full of script twists accompanied by Lo Wang's quirky and humorous sense of humor. The guy is a rogue, a very careful who is easy to fond of even though his jokes may sometimes charge. How was the relationship with Kamiko? Although it's hard to forget Hoji, the traveling companion in the previous video game, the fact is that the new ally - to the force - works well in the history: the conversations with Wang are amusing, sometimes also dramatic, and it's argumentative background is really interesting.

Graphics & Design

Each stage has a thousand and one details with which to be amazed; The lighting effects, the way the wind rocks trees and plants; Oriental houses and temples, leafy forests, caverns and that colossal city with neon lights that inevitably reminds of the spectacular Hard Reset. Once again, the Flying Wild Hog team has done commendable work; More if you see how well the video game works, with a good level of detail, in teams with several years behind. The design of the weapons, their way of attacking and how they influence the improvements we apply to them is another aspect that looks great in the visual. And I will not tire of repeating it. I love that the video game takes you to actively use so many and varied weapons. That yes, that katana is great, but it's also amazing to shoot limpets or fire blazes with a huge minigun.

Less happy leaves me his sonorous section, which although it complies, isn't particularly striking. The soundtrack is fine, it has cane songs that marry well with the action, but neither are too surprised. 


Shadow Warrior 2 is one of those video games that in evidence you no longer want to release. Its action is frantic, intense and spectacular, much better than the original, and is also favored by new and more extensive customization options, so that each game is unique. Sometimes fighting can be chaotic, but it's a problem that you quickly forget as three more friends join in the battle, and the show begins! Do you like the action of the old school? The new Flying Wild Hog respects that legacy while incorporating great novelties that are well received.

  • Game: Shadow Warrior 2
  • Developer: Flying Wild Hog
  • Publisher: Devolver Digital
  • Price: $35.00
  • Size: 6.53 GB
  • Release Date: May 19th 2017
  • For More Info - http://www.shadowwarrior.com/


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