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Kona Review

    In Kona, we will put ourselves in the shoes of a private detective hired to do a job that is not too relevant, but we will discover, that there is much more hidden than we will be able to see in the beginning. Accompanied at all times by an omniscient narrator who will explain what is happening and will put us in context from the first moment, helping us to delve into history, much more than staying in what we are seeing.


    Like all exploration-centered games, the duration of Kona will vary greatly from the time we spend exploring the different scenarios presented by the game, or the time it takes to solve the various problems that will arise from the game story, but in total we could devote approximately 8 to 10 hours to finish with 100% of the game.

    The element of the game that most invites us, its the  replayability, since Kona allows us to have up to six different gamesaves, but if we decide to play again, we could do all the Missions in a very short time interval and we would know what we have to do at all times.


    In every moment, we will see on screen, a series of icons that show our health, our level of heat and our stress. Being in a blizzard, extreme cold is our greatest enemy, so we will not be able to be outdoors for too long or we will end up frozen. In all the areas that we will be exploring we will find elements such as gasoline, firewood, matches, lighters and others to ignite the different boilers that we will find in the houses of the region or in some bonfires in areas further away from the urbans cores.

    From this moment, it´s when we have to explore, investigate and discover what is happening. Kona presents us, an open world through which we will move through the different areas that we can explore in the game. In our map we can find different refuges, houses and points of interest in which we will find new clues, for our investigation and in more than one occasion we will even get to be afraid.

    Graphics & Design

    The game itself has a polished graphic, in Xbox One, works very smoothly and during this analysis we have not experienced any bug or problem that prevents us from enjoying the experience that Kona offers, something that is certainly quite important.

    The graphical section of the title can be defined as correct, it fulfills well with what one is expected to put at the controls of an independent game. The graphics have a good finish, at the beginning of the game, before the blizzard, we will notice that they are quite limited and possibly take time to feel comfortable in the video game, but as we go forward, this sensation will disappear almost completely.


    Kona is a videogame designed for those lovers of exploration and a story of mystery and investigation accompanied at all times of a supernatural component, difficult to explain and away from what we usually see today in other games. The biggest point in favor of Kona, lies in its plot and in how it manages to hook us to try to discover what is happening in the game and that will take us to an uninterrupted search of answers.
    One of the biggest advantages that the game offers is that it has a very good relationship between its quality and its price, it is possible to get it through the Xbox store at a price of $19.99, so all the fans of the genre will find in Kona, a very attractive title to consider.


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