Thursday, March 30

Four Sided Fantasy Review

    The independent company Ludo Land brings us their first game, Four Sided Fantasy. At first sight, this title, is another typical platform trying to excel. However, there is much more to see in this game, and for that reason here we bring you the complete review.


    The first thing i have to say about Four Sided Fantasy, is that while the concept is very interesting, the duration of the game is somewhat disappointing. With approximately an hour and a half in duration, i feel that the game doesn´t reach its full potential, which is made even more serious by having some repetitive puzzles and a very low difficulty. But like every platform game, the duration of the game, depends in the skill of the player.


    Four Sided Fantasy is presented as a platform with an innovative idea: the camera has a special function, around which the whole game is built. At any moment we can lock the camera, which otherwise would follow us, and, after doing this, we can cross the left border to appear in the right, fall to the lower limit and then appear above, or vice versa. All the puzzles will make us, use this mechanic to advance. For example, if something blocks our way, we can simply lock the camera in place, and run to the left to appear on the other side to continue our journey. This mechanic is quite simple and intuitive, although in the long run it could become repetitive, each set of levels finds a new way of exploiting it, varying slightly the gameplay.

    I have few things to criticize about the gameplay. First of all, the vast majority of puzzles are fairly simple, and many are even repeated several times. In addition to this, and even more serious, overcoming a puzzle does not feel particularly good, which can cause boredom after a while.

    Graphics & Design

    The graphical section of the game, although very simple, is attractive, varied and colorful. The music, simple and relaxing, works well as an accompaniment. Despite the general appeal, I must make a criticism: although the end seems to be a metaphorical SUPER explanation of the game, throughout this (and even after finishing it) can not fully understand some of the aesthetic decisions: the emergence of Cameras along the stages, as well as the fact that the player's camera is really a camera, with battery indicator and everything, or the fact that, when passing from one side to another, our character changes between a Girl and boy. While they are details that may be there because yes, I would like to see a reasonably logical explanation about it.


    In summary, Four Sided Fantasy is a good puzzle game for casual gamers who want a relaxing and simple experience, with varied and attractive scenarios. However, those looking for a great challenge may be disappointed.


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