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Anoxemia Review

    Anoxemia is a disturbing adventure, that unfolds in the depths of the ocean, where we will witness the paranoia that will little by little deteriorate the confidence of the protagonist of this interesting title, Doctor Bailey, who tells in few scenes his adventure in addition to adding important lines to the plot as we go.

    Dr. Bailey is selected among the crew of a huge ship to be sent in a mini submarine to the obscure depths of the ocean, to fulfill an important mission that consists in collecting a specific number of specials marine plants in order to investigate them. Due to a malfunction, much of the submarine is destroyed leaving Dr. Bailey alone with a marine drone, ATMA. Without communication, the doctor will have to carry on with his mission, being guided to his destination by the drone ATMA. Little by little you will have strange presentiments of knowing the areas that you travel, you will suffer from sick hallucinations and you will begin to ask questions that will grow your paranoia and only want to fulfill its mission to return to the surface.


    We are facing a title, where the precision must be millimeter and careful, considering that our field of vision is reduced to a radius of few meters, it is hyperactive to adapt to the gameplay if we don´t want to be victims of these deadly traps throughout the 38 levels f the game, for this reason, the duration of the game always depends of the ability of the players in each level.


    Anoxemia, stands out, due to its complexity in gameplay and its minimalist aspect. First, we will not control the diver, but, we will take control of the drone ATMA. This unbelievably raises the level of difficulty, due to the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of underwater mines, small unmanned vehicles and security turrets, among other destructive machines. The real problem is reflected in the control to keep the drone and the diver, away from these dangers, and everything is due to the latter chasing the drone by making very sudden movements that will not stop the diver immediately. The biggest problem is that, if the protagonist dies we will start from the beginning of the level, with the same amount of dangers and plants to collect, for this reason you have to arm yourself with patience and find a way to complete the level carefully.

    Graphics & Design

    The design of levels gradually increases the difficulty, although it is important to warn that the player is totally at a disadvantage with their environment, little field of vision, little control when mobilizing and just a single blow or explosion nearby to start the level again, but that's what that is about: trial and error. This feature sharpens the way you act and develop, at no time you hold hands to explain how to do things because it is simple and logical, it is only a matter of using your head and try once behind the other.

    The atmosphere is a very strong point, his music is excellent, as it will keep the mystery and tension from the first to the shocking final, getting to the point of getting nervous by some of the hallucinations of Dr. Bailey. The sounds of explosions and moving objects underwater (such as chains and turrets) are very well achieved and all this, goes hand in hand with an attractive graphic section, with a small palette of colors that demonstrate depth and distance of objects with a good game of shadows and dark used intelligently to give a claustrophobic feeling.


    This and all the above mentioned, shows that Anoxemia is a video game much more complex than it raises initially, and all this can be appreciated much more, if we finish it.

    The increase of difficulty is noticed in each of the levels increasing sharply, but it doesn´t make it an impossible adventure, but a difficult one. It gives a great sense of satisfaction to complete the levels and much more, if we appreciate the story.


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