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2Dark Review

 In 2Dark we will play as the Detective Smith, the veteran member of the police of Gloomywood. He has a dark and dramatic past that haunts and drags to him to a self-destructive vortex by which finishes losing the position. This will not prevent Mr. Smith from resuming a sinister case of disappearance of little kids, after which he will have to enter, to the suburbs of the city, where the worst of his fellow citizens awaits him. There you will be involved in situations that touch the macabre, the visceral (literally) and other perversions.

Entering 2Dark is the equivalent  to "dig" into the iconic slums of any American city in the 1970s. Weird streets and corridors, dirt, criminals, crimes ... and all wrapped in a layer of darkness whose the only goal is to honor the name of the game. The action transports us, until the year 1976, just after a magnificent prologue that takes place in the year 1969.


Yes, the game is difficult. A lot. That's why you can prepare an important time interval if you want to complete it, because this, isn´t a game of an afternoon and it, will take more than 10 hours to complete it. His difficulty and his graphics can throw back to the most purist players, but those who are seduced by their intense narrative and playable potential, has game for a while.

Also, we have very good news for thats guys (like me) who wanna complete the game as much as possible. And is that the game, invites you to give it a second pass to enjoy it again and in case you left some collectible along the way. They will be able to multiply the duration of the product by two or three times.


If you like the rampant action games, where you only have to worry about aiming, shooting, reloading, aiming, firing and restarting, 2Dark may not be your game. This does´t mean that you do not shoot weapons, since there are all types, from melee weapons, to others of distraction and those of fire, which are the ones that inflict the most damage. The problem is that the ammunition does not abound and although the trigger will wreak havoc on your opponent, it will attract the attention of other nearby enemies, and this is something that doesn´t interest you. For this reason you will have to think very well every situation, because going from Rambo in this game is synonymous of failure.
Another method to maximize the damage, is to approach with a stealth and strike your opponent with a weapon, without seeing you, but we can´t play everything like this, as the stronger enemy will not fall with a single blow. This will generate endless tense situations, and more than once you will have to ground yourself to hide, calm down and start the attack with the surprise factor again in your favor.

Graphics & Design

Don´t be fooled by their pixelated appearance and character design. That they are represented with those heads disproportionate with respect to their body, grants them a certain comic air, but that feeling, changes after the first minutes of the game to give us, a face to face with an adult content, not suitable for all the stomachs or for all the ages . And is that it is incredible how the studio developer has managed to recreate an overwhelming and bleak atmosphere with a handful of pixels.
2Dark can boast exemplary performance, without defects or bugs, in which everything flows to perfection. This game is the living example of that to scare the user do not need graphics of last generation, or virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.


2Dark is a game that can generate mixed feelings. That there are children involved in events very macabre and in scenes full of blood, death and destruction, isn´t something that everyone can willingly endure. However, and aside from the controversy, it is an adult-oriented game with a huge 18+ both on the cover of the physical game and in the description of the digital edition
For this reason, this game becomes in a game recommended for lovers of classic survivals and for anyone who wants to enjoy a game of terror in which you are going to take more of a simple scare.


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