Thursday, March 16

New Games With Gold Now Available!

Good news! The games with gold from march are already available for FREE on Xbox 360 and Xbox one! Simply search the game in the console or in the website, and when you log in, in your xbox, happy gaming!

In this case, we have Evolve: Ultimate Edition for Xbox one until April 15 and Heavy Weapon for Xbox 360 until March 31. While Borderlands 2 and Project Cars,they say goodbye to the program, in the same time, Layers of Fear will remain free until March 31 for the Xbox Live Gold members

Evolve: Ultimate Edition - 34,71 GB

Evolve is a cooperative video game, developed by Turtle Rock Studios, and published by 2K Games, is a cooperative video game in which, four human players, make the impossible to hunt an alien/monster controlled by a fifth player. Both of them, can use unique abilities during to game for the only reason of survive. In the same time, the monster can kill others smaller creatures to Evolve and be stronger, making the objective more harder for the hunters.

The ultimate Edition will give us the access to the two season passes of the game, which include new characters and/or monsters, and a good amount of extra content like skins for the hunters or weapons, in this way nobody would be left behind in contents.

You can download the game via this link:
Evolve: Ultimate Edition

Happy hunting!

Heavy Weapon - 32,62 MB

Heavy Weapon is a old-school video game developed by PopCap Games, a frantic shoot 'em arcade with almost 19 missions with an insane campaign mode, survival mode and online and local cooperative of up to two players.

You can download the game via this link:


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