Thursday, March 23

The Inner World Review

    The story of this adventure unfolds in the magical and mysterious land of Asposia, a huge and spherical underworld in which its inhabitants rely on three sources of wind to survive. All is well until two of them are extinguished and only remains controlled by Abbot Conroy, who lives in the same monastery as Robert, our character; A young and absent-minded apprentice who lives a quiet life as a court musician. Robert will find himself in the midst of the maelstrom along with the help of Laura, a mysterious thief, and will begin this adventure without any clue to try to discover the secret of the extinction of the wind.


    The game consists in five chapters between, one and two hours each, although this depends of course on the skill and logic of each player. While the most experienced and knowledgeable of this type of games will prove the most unlikely option to solve a puzzle or situation, the less usual probably take much longer.

    We can say that it´s not a very long game and as usually happens in the genre, its replayability is practically null, beyond revisiting scenarios to try to achieve all the achievements. Even so, the time we spend in front of the screen is truly enjoyable.


    The best of the game is undoubtedly its playability. Without having a mouse and a keyboard, they have adapted the control of the console. Basically by pressing the RB button, points appear on the screen with the objects, characters and locations available to interact. We can approach them and in each we will find the possible actions to perform (examine, use, catch or speak). As in all good graphic adventure, our wit (or firefighter's ideas) will come out, because there are puzzles of resolution as hilarious or unimaginable situations, and we must mix objects, visit sites, or talk with characters repeatedly and at different times to be able to Overcome them and continue with the adventure.

    Graphics & Design

    We are facing a world with 2D scenarios drawn by hand, with a lot of mime and with a character design somewhat peculiar. At first, they surprise their noses with holes, then we will discover that they have a very particular function and use. All this can seem or seem childish, but nothing further from reality, because its magic and its characteristics make everything feel in harmony and are part of the idiosyncrasy of this genre.

    The sound is purely environmental. Their melodies are pleasant and relaxing, accompanying very well the adventure without many more pretensions. The dialogues are entertaining with a great humorous load, showing clearly the texts on screen and a good quality in the dubbing.


    The Inner World is an indie game highly recommended for the nostalgic of graphic adventures
    It has history, has magic, witty puzzles, hilarious conversations, a very pleasant atmosphere and a gameplay very suitable to be played in console. Of course, we will have to wait until the 31st of this month to see it in the Xbox Store, and a price of $ 14.99.


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