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Trulon: The Shadow Engine Review

Today I put myself in control of Trulon: The Shadow Engine for Xbox One. A game that covers one of those empty holes in the console of Microsoft and that, are their lights and shadows, which help the game to be very accomplished. But first, i will try put you in situation in regards to the history of this good game.
We incarnate Gladia, a monsters hunter who discovers a strange artifact that has unleashed an illness that is making the inhabitants of Tripudia, their native land, sick. It has a common element with the rest of games of this style, and is that we will join new characters that will help in the adventure. For example Feres, which will be the healer of the game.
We are talking about a game, that was released for Android and also saw the light on Steam. The values ​​of the game are not those of a triple A, and this is almost palpable when playing for the first time. As we go through the story we are going to discover that it is well done, but that it is loose everywhere, i did not find moments in which i managed to get a smile or something similar.


We are facing a game, that if you are agile, you can complete it in less than 8 hours. In fact, there is an achievement that requires you to do it in 5 hours or less. Something complicated, because your level of difficulty is not well balanced and forces you to constantly explore and seek random battles, with the luck of not giving up overpower enemies that make you throw a lot of your time in the trash, besides you can don´t escape a fight so, if you run into very strong enemies, you will have to pray that they will not kill you as soon as possible.


In each fight, we will have a total of 5 tactics to use, to the right you will see a static that is always attack (Classic melee attack) and a wild card. The joker usually always gives you the chance to move on to a next tactic, albeit that, at the cost of losing a turn. On the left side we have three tactical cards that we may have previously chosen from the battle options menu, while we explore. This part is very important because, it will decide a lot, the balance of each combat.
There are several types of tactics available, each card offers the player, generic options and some unique to each of the characters that are within our reach. And is that, for example, we will have allies who specialize in stunning enemies during one or several turns, with the letter and the appropriate equipment we can multiply by two these effects

Graphics & Design

The highlight of the game is perhaps its artistic design, although everything is very subjective. Personally I do not think of a great quality and enemies, because on many occasions we could call them "simple". Although that, yes, would not think the same of the scenarios where we move, here if you notice something more work, something simple but effective.
As for the soundtrack, nothing worth mentioning and does not have any relevant sound effects. At the end of the day, we are talking about a minor game.


I can´t understand very well, what has led the studio Kyy Games to bring to the consoles a game that was already "broken" in the version for Steam. The game is a virtual decal that has inherited even the same mistakes. I have to admit it cost me a lot to finish the game, for this reason. Although the game itself is satisfactory, but the game game have a lot of bugs making the enjoy of the game very difficult and errors, which i doubt they can be fixed.


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