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Worlds of Magic: Planar Conquest Review

Planar Conquest puts us in the shoes of a powerful sorcerer, once again after giving us the absolute power over the planes in iOS and PC, this time in his version of Xbox One. This 4X strategy game, which mixes strategy in real time and in turns, lets find the most important things about this game.
Although the game isn´t Civilization, which we all have memories, Planar Conquest offers us a gameplay similar to the classics of PC that many have enjoyed. While it´s true that the game, would need a polish in terms of mechanics and construction, in addition to a tutorial, for those who want to start in this type of games, offers us a system based on data quite efficient in combat but not as efficient in Automatic combat option.


A good point that has the game is the alternative mode to the individual classic games that we have available. In Arena mode, we can play the combat individually with a predefined hero and some units that we choose by our hand or randomly select to fight.
Another good point in this way, is that this way, we can practice concrete strategies for some types of enemies and which units work better against others in a more enjoyable way than studying the descriptions given by the game. For this reasons, we dont have any duration in the game, perhaps, the game have infinite ways to play and a lot of hours in game.


In general, the gameplay can be very difficult and slow, because we will need many turns to get a decent citadel and an army that can cope with the threats presented to us in the exploration.
The camera is quite simple and we can´t change the angle in some cases, to better appreciate the combats, to see the models of the units or to contemplate elements of the map.
The interface is very condensed at the top of the screen and often becomes too intrusive, with windows that open in the center of the screen to show little data, a system of tabs that, while organizing the information , It feels that the space offered by the resolution of the game is wasted.

Graphics & Design

The approach to the development of the city, although classic and quite good, has no visible aspect. We can´t see how our city develops, if it grows, diminishes, buildings and so on. It's a pretty big hit because, although it isn´t necessary, it was always good to see a powerful and resplendent city that imposes respect on our enemies.
Very poor animations, both to hit and to let the units die, doesn´t offer much immersion or epic combat. The music, you can´t say that it is good, because it is very standard, but neither is this bad, it is a music that perfectly fits in the background and neither annoying or a little exciting.


Planar Conquest isn´t the game that will change your life or the way you have to watch the strategy games, although if it´s true that can fill your time and that the most lovers of 4X strategy will enjoy it in a special way for being so similar to the first in the genre.

It´s a game that could improve and you will need to move forward if you want to face the biggest of the genre and be able to reach the podium along with Civilization and Heroes of Might and Magic.


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