Thursday, March 16

Street Fighter IV and More Added to the Backward Compatible List

Good job Xbox team! Today another four games arrive to Xbox One, among them, one of the saga Street Fighter, that unfortunately, it is not the Games with Gold that they gave us several years ago. 
STREET FIGHTER IV ($ 19.99 USD), Luxor 2 ($ 9.99 USD), Poker Smash ($ 9.99 USD) and Madballs Babo: Invasion ($ 9.99 USD) add to the backward compatibility.

Most retro-compatible games in case of being digital, will appear in our library of games in My games and applications from the Xbox One, ready to install. Otherwise, we can only play the game disc, install (or download more), and be ready to play.
Backward compatibility also allows us to continue our progress (both game saves and achievements and our level in multiplayer), continue to play with our Xbox 360 friends on Xbox Live, take advantage of new features such as Upload Studio or Screenshots. We can even take all our progress in the game.


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