Thursday, October 30

Rumor Confirmed: Beatles Game Coming

Rumored 10/29/08:

According to a press release sent out by MTV Games, Apple Corps and MTV will announce an exclusive music project tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM Pacific. Apple Corps is the music company founded by The Beatles in 1968 that administers the catalogue of the mega-band. MTV is the parent company of Harmonix, the developers responsible for the Rock Band gaming franchise.

Put one and one together and you have the announcement of Beatles songs in Rock Band form. Whether this will be downloadable add-ons to Rock Band and Rock Band 2 or a standalone game in the vein of AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack remains to be seen.


MTV, Harmonix and Apple Corp have confirmed that a Beatles music game is in the works, although it won't be released under the Rock Band brand as initially thought. Speaking on a conference call today, Harmonix's Alex Rigopulous said the new game, due for a worldwide release at the end of 2009, "is not just a Rock Band expansion pack" but that it will be a "full-blown custom game built from ground up." He then went on to explain that it will "Take players on an experimental journey of the band", taking in the music and image of the band from the first album Please Please Me right through to Abbey Road.



  1. Somebody call 9-1-1, because I think I'm going into cardiac arrest here! Amazing!


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