Friday, October 10

Halo 3 Recon TGS Trailer and Details

  • "It will be a standalone disc sold in stores in boxes next Fall. It's also going to include some multiplayer maps."
  • "It is a first-person shooter still ... It's not a squad-based shooter."
  • "As an ODST, compared to playing as in invulnerable Spartan, you are going to have to sort of pick and choose your encounters a little bit differently."
  • "It is going to very much feel like Halo. Full feature parity."
A few other details. Recon takes place directly after the Prophet of Regret jumped into slipspace during Halo 2, causing the destruction of New Mombasa. Players take the role of a single ODST, not a full squad. Also, it would appear that the Superintendent (the little green circle dude) will serve as Recon's "Cortana."


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