Wednesday, October 8

Halo 3 Recon Announced

Another big announcement from TGS(Tokyo Game Show) was the meaning of the Misterious Halo Video release last week. Well now, it was announced that it will be a prolougue to Halo called Halo 3 Recon. Halo 3 Recon will be a prologue to the events in Halo 3 that tells the story from an all-new perspective of an ODST recon marine.

Halo 3 Recon, featuring a new hero and new campaign, hits the Xbox 360 exclusively in Fall 2009.

According to an News Flash, Halo 3 Recon will take place during the events leading to the return of Master Chief to New Mombasa in Halo 3. The game will feature a brand new campaign, four player co-op gameplay and new multiplayer content. Halo 3 Recon will include exclusive new multiplayer maps and Forge options as well as maintain what germs love from Halo 3 including Saved Films, screenshots and campaign scoring.


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