Tuesday, October 14

America's Game: NBA Live + Impressions

This happen at the end of a Lakers(me) vs Celtics(CPU) game. I was up big and I was just messing around with Derek Fisher when he swished in this bomb from just behind half court.

While I'm here I am going to just post my quick thoughts on the game and what I think about it overall.Lets start with the EA Sports World section of Nba Live what actually has sound on it what is cool however you can only save highlights from offline games and not online games. This is annoying to me because I usually only play online and I see a lot of great plays that I would love to save but I can't. The game-play is vastly improved but it still has some notable flaws and some little things that really get on your nerves if you are losing. The good is that the rebounding is improved and it actually feels like your guy is going for the ball compared to last year.Also this year if you press the X button by an accident instead of doing a layup from the three point line your guy will go for a shot(most of the time it won't go in).

On the topic of layups last year you may remember if you pressed the layup button with someone in front of you your guy would just bump into the opponent and chuck it off the backboard usually resulting in a miss.This year if your close enough they will always go for a layup and some of the midair adjustments that they make are amazing.On that topic though it seems as if just about anyone can make circus shots with a high rate what can be very frustrating sometimes.

The new pick n roll controls are awesome and if you master them you can really dominate your opponents.The free throw system is all new but once you get use to it you will find that it is just as easy as last year. This year what you do is there is on the top of the backboard a red line with a section of green in it and you have to release the B button when you get in that green section. Depending on how good your guy is at free throws will obviously impact how big of a green section he has.

While the defenses are vastly improved there are still some notable flaws that need to be fix. Those flaws would be defenders bite sometimes way to much on ball-fakes and defenses don't get back in time way to much(even on made shots). With that said though the defense is much improved and the scores of games compared to last year are way down.I haven't played any dynasty so I can't speak on that but I have played a couple team-play games and it seems like they have improved.One of the things I like is they have a meter that increases when you make a good play and decreases when you make a bad play. What I like about this is it gives you incentive to always try your best even if your team is getting blown out.

Overall NBA Live 2009 is a vastly improved game compared to last year and it is honestly one of my favorite sports games ever.While it does have some negatives I feel as if the positives overshadow those and if you can look past the negatives you can enjoy this great game.


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