Tuesday, October 14

Around the Hawk: Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 Highlight Reel

Wow, this feature really blew me out of my chair when I saw this. I just hope two things with this feature (post a comment if you know the answer)

1.)I hope we don't have to buy this seperately like 2K does with it's highlight creator.
2.)If it does already come with the game, I really hope we can upload these to an online server for others to see, such as on America's Game or the top 5 show or something.

This feature really looks amazing, especially with the sound effects you can add to it. I could fool around with this feature for hours...


  1. 1)This will come packed in the game.
    2)My sources tell me that its a 30% chance we can upload the videos online which will suck if we couldn't. What will be the point of these videos if you cant share them somehow. But I do believe its a slight chance we can share them over the xbox but not to a site like EA Sports World. I think this game will have a system like Burnout Revenge where its like that.

  2. Oh cool. I wonder if we can save highlights from online games, since that's where most of the super funny stuff happens.


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