Monday, October 27

Start Your Engines!!!!

Well as the leaves begin to fall off the trees, it can only mean a few things to gamers like myself... IT IS NEW GAMES!! And there are a ton of them on the way. The newest game that I have had the chance to play is one that I was waiting for along time-Midnight Club:Los Angeles. And it was worth the wait.

The game is a typical Rockstar game. It has very good graphics, sound, items to find hidden throughout the city,looks like a real time city and it is HUGE!! I don't know the exact size of the city but you get the feel as if you are really driving around the city of angels. The only issue is that it might be too hard for the average gamer. The AI in this game is awesome. This is one game in which when you win a race, you feel as if you really did win something.

But even if you lose, you do have the option on most of them to run the race over. And you get rep points for finishing. So at least you get something out the deal. As you get rep points, other items become available to fix up your ride. Most of the races are really long and have alot of turns that you have to negotiate. The only races in which you really don't have alot of turns are the highway races. But even in those races you have to worry about the traffic.

The traffic is one thing that really makes this game stand out. Because the pedestrians will get out of your way, but the other drivers let you know that they have a right to be on the road as well as you. They almost never swerve out of your way. So not only do you have to worry about your opponents but you have to negotiate the traffic. Whether it is the car in front of you, besides you, or a car pulling out in front of you, you will constantly be looking around.

Each car handles differently and you will definitely need to spend some time behind the wheel to get their feel. There are a lot of races and you can also go online to race some real drivers via Xbox Live. But the main thing that you will like about the cars is the customization. Whether you love rims, paint, spoilers, tires, etc.. you can customize it all. Midnight Club is famous for that and they did not disappoint.

I think that the only downfall of the game is the difficulty. As you step up your ride, the computer does the same. I personally like a challenge but at times you still want to just win a few races and have fun. You will definitely have fun but the wins will be well earned and appreciated when the come.

In closing, I give the game a 8.8 out of 10. If the difficulty was alittle less, I would probably give it a 9.3 instead. But either way, it is worth the money and an enjoyable game.


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