Saturday, October 4

NBA Live 09 Review

It’s not often that the world’s largest developer has to go and stick the ol’ noggin in the sand after one of its sports games goes gold (especially those coming out of the venerable Vancouver studio), but such was the case for the first couple of years of Live for the Xbox 360. It wasn’t expected that sports gaming’s juggernaut, not to mention the originators of the modern-day basketball game with Dr. J vs. Larry Bird, would have a tough time getting its feet set for the HD-era charge.

Crisp controls and a tight physics engine keep things tidy. Still a bit of frame-rate stutter and animation-set cue-up pauses.

Great facial maps, mo-cap and decent character models. Textile “wave” gets annoying.

Marv says it best—YESSSS!

Myriad play modes and constantly-updated AI signatures help to keep NBA Live 09 market-fresh.

NBA Live 09’s DNA may be the future of sports gaming.

Overall Score NOT an average



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