Friday, July 25

Rumor: Vader DLC bringing dark side to Xbox 360 Soul Calibur IV

Never mind that we totally caught Yoda and Vader face to face in a Soul Calibur IV trailer months ago, Namco Bandai's official line has remained: Yoda is in the Xbox 360 version, Darth Vader in the PlayStation 3 one. While some of us assumed both characters could be unlocked in either version, Namco Bandai has apparently come up with a better idea. Why not sell Darth Vader as DLC to Xbox 360 owners? GamersReports has allegedly obtained another "quality exclusive" in three screenshots that depict Vader as a selectable character in the Xbox 360 version of Soul Calibur IV. To be fair, the report only suggests that Vader would be offered as an "add-on download" and does not specify whether or not that would be paid content or a fan service freebie. The site adds, "No word on when, or even if ever it will be released."


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