Sunday, July 6

XBLN Exclusive Sneak Peak: Americas Game

Here is a sneak peak at America's Game:

Back in May of 2007, there was a nice peaceful race. A Spring wind is a Chevy Cobalt. As two cars go into a turn, the Cobalt slammed the poor little Peugeot. The poor car went flying into the wall causing massive damage. Our XBL Network Cameras were there to capture the wreckage.

*This is how the Americas Game will go a little story to go with it. Let me know if you guys like it.*


  1. I like the idea.

    Is this only going to be battles with the members of this blog, or is it take on all-comers style?

  2. It can be both. As longs as its EPIC! :)

  3. So destroying somebody in NCAA 41-3 doesn't count?

  4. Depends on who it was. Like if it was a good player or destroying a cheater will be EPIC!


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