Monday, July 7

MLCS, Join Up!

At some Madden forums that I frequent they are having a BCS championship style online league. Here is a rundown of some rules and info. is proud to announce it’s first big event to the community! The release of NCAA Football 09 is quickly approaching and we are as ready as all of you. So without further adue, get ready for the Madden List Champsionship Series. The event will feature on the XBOX 360.

  • Blog specific to what’s happening throughout the event
  • Rankings
  • Bowl Selection Radio Show
  • Gift Certificate to champion

  • Regular Season: July 15-31
  • Bowl Week: August 3-10

  • As many or as little amount of games the ML Member wants to play. Games can be played against who ever and whenever. You can play the same person multiple times. (Just remember, if you beat up on a lesser opponent, it will show in the rankings.)

  • Members may choose any team at any time. You are not limited to one team.

  • Heisman
  • 5 Min Qtr
  • Everything else default

Reporting Scores:
  • Winning team posts in the thread specifically for scores located on the forums.

  • Rankings will be put together by a committee and will take in account of record, opponents played, and teams used

  • If you would like to sign-up for the MLCS please post your gamertag, AIM, and email in the following thread on our forums.

You can sign up by clicking here.


  1. thanks for the link drop, should be fun!


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