Sunday, July 27

America's Game: JRC865 vs. Stopable

I just finished an intense game against Stopable in the XBLNCS on NCAA Football 09. Stopable was playing as his Penn State Nittany Lions and I was using my Illinois Fighting Illini.

Before I get into what happened I want to say good game to Stopable.

Alright lets get to the details.

This was the first score of the game, Stopable going up top to his WR for the score. One of two nice user catches in the game.

My answer to Stopable's touchdown drive, with one of my own. Screen passes were very crucial in this game, as you will see later.

This was the second nice user catch by Stopable. This put Penn State up 21-10.

Here was my response to Stopable's TD. I went for two points and converted which gave me the opportunity to tie with a field goal.

Here is the play of the game, a 99-yard screen pass to put my team in the lead with :20 left on the clock. In case your wondering how I ended up on the 1-yard line its because I stuffed him on the goal line.

This was an unbelievable game, and one of the most fun I have played.


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