Saturday, July 12

Update(New Prize): First XBLN Contest: NCAA Football 09 Prize Included

That's right XBL Network will host its very own Championship Series. Here are the rules:

Run time:July 16th-August 11th
Number of Teams: TBD(Around 8-10)
Team Restrictions: None(Use any team you want. No Duplicates)
Game Settings: All-American 5 Minute Quarters
More Rules to come...

Now for the Prizes:

1st Place: 2 Months Xbox Live
2nd Place: ***100 Microsoft Points(New Prize)***
3rd Place: 48 Hour Xbox Live Trial

1) Deus Legend UGA
2) Jerhawk Oregon
3) Nebraska
4) Bossmyshiiup24 Florida St.
5) JRC865 Illinois
6) Finch865 U Florida
7) NYYDallasCuse Oklahoma
8) Laprell Ohio State
9) invizible angel USC
10) Stopable Penn

*Registration closed. Now taking alternates*


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