Tuesday, July 29

Around the Hawk: What To Look Forward To

Besides Madden 09 and Rock Band 2, this one tops my list of good games to look forward to. It'll probably be a mix of Oblivion (since it's created by the same company, Bethesda) and Mass Effect. The gruesome effects in the shooting looks a little bit like Gears of War in my opinion, which will be really cool! But don't let the children see it, they might get nightmares. Or I might get nightmares... Yes this was the trailer at E3, but I thought it was cool enough to put on here.

Next is Saints Row 2, which I think will blow away the slow and boring GTA IV which had its chance to be a good game (which it was), but failed with an extremely slow story line with little to do. Saints Row 2 looks to offer an extremely satisfying story with plenty of side missions to do. Like the trailer said, October 14th, expect this game! And in case you were wondering how Saints Row ended, the video below is how Saints Row Part 1 ended, so if you don't want to know, then don't click on it. But this explains why the Saints Row 2 trailer begins with you in a hospital bed...

Skate 2, although it's not supposed to be released until March, is a must get! If you haven't already played Skate, I truly recommend this game. So much detail, so much better than Tony Hawk. EA really did a good job with this game. A big part of Skate too that I thought was a great idea was the Skate Reel. If they were to have something like this in NCAA Football and/or Madden, it would be a big feature. The Skate Reel is where you can view other people's uploaded videos and images right on the game, you don't even have to go on the computer. You can rate their videos too from 0 to 5 stars, and if you got 20 votes on one uploaded image or video you got an achievement. The most I ever got was 4 votes, and I wish I could upload them to this website but there's no way to share them unfortunately.

Also topping my "wish list" would be Guitar Hero World Tour, Midnight Club L.A., Smackdown vs. Raw 2009, Tiger Woods 09 and UFC 2009, but trailers for those games are already on this website.


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