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Xbox 360 MIA's at E3 2008

Mass Effect 2
The original Mass Effect wowed RPG fans in 2007 with its boggling depth of character and interactive story telling. Game conclusions don't get much better than saving the entire universe. Yes, the combat had a couple of problems but fixing them is just one of the many things we could look forward to in the upcoming sequel. Why couldn't those secretive buggers at Bioware have at least teased us with a Mass Effect 2 trailer?

Bungie's New Project
In many ways Bungie's new game was the most disappointing absentee from E3 2008. Bungie itself shares our disappointment because as it says on its website it was all set to reveal its new game during E3 but was prevented from doing so by the game's publisher. Although we still don't know what Bungie's new game is we expect it will be something entirely new and not related to Halo.

Skate 2
The first game was one of the biggest standouts of 2007 so we're dying to see what's next for the franchise. We desperately hope EA doesn't mess with the winning formula too much though. What we know of the sequel is that it's set five years after the original and police have cracked down on skating, putting caps on rails and generally making life miserable for skaters. What we loved about the original was the way it ditched all the gimmicky crap Tony Hawk had become obsessed with and instead focused on simple to get into but hard to master controls that nailed the skating feel. Don't mess it up for the sequel, EA.

Just Cause 2
We really wanted to see Just Cause 2 at E3. Yes the original had a lot of problems but it also had more potential than any other GTA-clone we've seen. The ability to use a grappling hook to snag passing vehicles (including choppers), then kick the drivers out or jump on the roof of vehicles and pull the ripcord on your chute to fling you into the air was a refreshingly dynamic and exciting take on the genre. With its vastly improved combat, AI and weapon customisation we're tipping Just Cause 2 to be a sleeper hit.

Indiana Jones
What the hell has happened to Indiana Jones? Its E3 2006 demo (based around the same terrific destructible tech as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed) looked amazing and that was two years ago. The fact that LucasArts has let both the Indiana Jones movie release and E3 2008 pass without showing off any new glimpses of the game makes us strongly suspect the game has been cancelled.

Bioshock 2
We needed our Big Daddy at E3. Bioshock 2 would have been a contender for game of the show if it had made an appearance this E3. We desperately want to dive back into the demented world of Rapture. New weapons, new plasmids, bigger Daddies. We can't wait.

Alan Wake
Old Al's gone into some serious hibernation over the last couple of years. It hasn't been seen for nearly two years, so this E3 would have been the perfect time to bring it back with a bang. Remedy had already invested so much work into it when we last saw it so we really doubt it's been cancelled. We're tipping a fresh reveal soon (Leipzig looks likely).

Runners up:

Peter Jackson's Halo Project
It's been two years since he announced it, and he's hardly been busy with any movies either. So where's the game?

Duke Nukem Forever
Arguably the longest running game in development ever reminded us it was still coming with a new trailer six months ago.

Destroy All Humans!: Path of the Furon
Crypto may have been at THQ's recent gamers day but he was disappointingly absent from E3.

Aliens: Colonial Marines
A first-person shooter based around one of the best sci-fi flicks ever? Where do we sign up?

Need For Speed Undercover
EA's yearly racing sim was conspicuously absent from its E3 range. We'd bet our pink slips it'll make an appearance real soon.

L.A. Noire
Four years in development and we've still only got a skimpy trailer to look at. Surely it's time to unveil this one, Rockstar.

Splinter Cell: Conviction
Sam's been skulking in the shadows for too long. Show us an update already.

2 Days to Vegas
To be honest it's very likely this game will never be released but we hope we're wrong.

[Thanks, IGN]


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