Wednesday, July 9

NCAA March Madness Gets a New Name

It has been uncovered that the next NCAA Basketball game by EA will be simply called NCAA Basketball 09.

2K Sports’ decision to end their College Hoops franchise opened up the door for this change. It makes sense in that the name matches the football branding and it will be more easily understood as the only college basketball game on the market (which it is at least for the time being). This is a critical year as EA will be looking to provide a product that can satisfy those gamers who may have purchased College Hoops instead. A disappointing release would make it even tougher to recapture them in the future.

Also of note is that NCAA Basketball 09 will release in November. While this has generally been the norm, the past two releases of March Madness have come in January and December.

[Thanks Pastapadre]


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