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The Mummy: Demastered Review

Talking about Wayforward Technologies is talking about one of the companies that, without making too much noise, have managed to make a name for themselves thanks to their good work, especially in two-dimensional games with a graphic section in which an old-fashioned art stands out. remarkable. And it's not surprising, because it is a fairly veteran company, and knows how to do their job to take full advantage of this situation.

Surprisingly, and more, considering that the film was seen in movies a few months ago, that now appears the "demastered" version of The Mummy, a title made by Wayforward Technologies and has been made following the guidelines set at the time by Metroid and Wonderboy III: The Dragon's Trap. So, instead of handling the protagonist of the movie, Nick, in his fight against the princess Ahmanet, in this case, we are part of the organization Prodigium, which appears in the film, and it is something like a group against monsters and other supernatural threats.


Its main drawback is its duration. A moderately skilled player in the genre can take 4-5 hours to finish it, although he will only have seen one part. There are 50 hidden documents,  upgrades and weapons ... and you may not get everything in a first round. If you want to see 100% of the map and get everything, you can easily take about 10 hours.


Thus, the protagonist first lands in a phase that serves as a tutorial, until they end up awakening all kinds of dead people (including some of their former colleagues), when they run, and after boarding a helicopter ends up arriving in London , where the action begins.

And i say London, but it's not too noticeable either, because in the end what you find is a place that, for example, remembers in level design and disposition of enemies notably the recent, Mystik Belle, a game that is not from Wayforward originally, but that has developed a worker who does his work (usually as an artist) in the Californian company. Thus, in your advance, you will find caves, lakes of acid, vertical spaces through which to raise or lower, many enemies, and other surprises more or less common in this subgenre.

The Mummy Demastered is a fairly handy Metroidvania, with a few things to keep in mind. The first is that it has enough action, approaching a little not only Aliens: Infestation, but even the Contra series, with many shots, many weapons (the protagonist can take up to nine different weapons and also support for several types of grenades), and a very high enemy rhythm. In fact, you can consider that one of the weaknesses of the game is how heavy some pieces become due to the continuous appearance of enemies. Luckily, when you have a little game played, you will start not only to get new equipment, but you will also find areas where they give us one more square of life, which implies that you have 99 more points of life for the character.

This is important, because in full tribute to the film that receives the name of the protagonist, when he dies, it doesn't disappear, but becomes a living dead with all the weapons and skills that you had previously. So if you want to recover them, you have to go where they ended your life and defeat him. As more powerful you are when you die, it will cost  more, and above the game has the detail of saving you the game right after, so if you want to avoid this drink you will have to leave the game as soon as you see that you have little left to die and start over . An interesting detail by the game that some players will seem a genius, and others less pleasant.

For the rest, i find a well-planned game, with combats against entertaining final enemies, with their patterns and giving more fear for size than for the real challenge, and that in the transitions between space and space has the help of helicopters that they allow you to go from one place to another more quickly, although there may be few aids of this style.

Graphics & Design

Visually, i can say that it is a game that stands out, especially in inanimate elements. It may seem little London, but the sets are well made, the weapons have great detail, and occasionally you find vehicles or other objects in which a great taste for detail is detected. It must be said that neither the enemies nor the protagonist disagree, but apart from the inevitable mummies, the rest of the enemies may be a little generic (grasshoppers, bats, crows, giant flies). Of course, the big bosses give the chest do with a size according to what is expected of them.

The music, unlike many other titles of the company, is not estimated by all Jake Kauffman, but has been commissioned by Gavin Allen, doing a good job, although interestingly his latest work is accredited producer Bungie. In any case, you can listen to his previous songs via Bandcamp, and discover that you are really talking about a good musician, and not someone who happened to be there and made the soundtrack. The same can be said of the strong sounds.


The Mummy Demastered is not the best work of Wayforward Technologies, much less the worst. It seems a mixture between a game that made them dream to perform, and a commission with which you simply fulfill. It has more of the first than the second, as if they ended up putting the ideas they wanted to include in a game even though they don't make much sense in the franchise.


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