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de Blob Review

Although today comes as a breath of fresh air to our consoles, the concept of de Blob is not original, but part of a flash game whose creators THQ bought the rights. Still, I must admit that his style of play fits perfectly with the philosophy of Xbox one, offering a very creative title and, above all, tremendously positive, which has been made accessible to all types of audiences.


Apart from the Story Mode (with video sequences with which to get better in the action of each phase), a Free Mode in which to freely and unhurriedly enjoy the cities that you have already managed to overcome, a multiplayer mode is added, up to four players, adding many more hours of life to the game, but if you want to put a duration in hours to the game, the game will give you approximately 10 hours of play, more hours if you want to get all the medals of each of the 10 levels or get all the achievements of the title


The game takes you to a world where an evil organization called INKT has stolen all the color of the streets and has prohibited any artistic expression to it's inhabitants, making their lives monotonous and boring. But not everyone has fallen into their networks and a rebel group is organized in the shadows to rid the world of that tyranny. The protagonist, Blob, is a member of this rebel group who is charged with the mission of returning the color to the city in order to return the joy to it's inhabitants and put an end to the INKT.

Blob is a gelatinous being that has the ability to absorb the paint stored by INKT robots and even mix them to achieve new colors (something you must use to overcome certain challenges that the game proposes). Then, just touching the buildings and the walls will color the city, making it recover it's former splendor.

As I said before, Blob must return the color to the streets, but in addition to the satisfaction of giving them back their splendor, you should get energy points as you paint the city, points that will open new areas and make objects appear that will give the possibility of completely restore an area. But painting the city at your leisure will not be the only thing you can do to earn points, but along the levels, you will find characters that will propose a series of missions. These missions will be very simple at first (of the type paints these buildings of this color), but as you move through the game, these will be complicated, making you to paint buildings of different colors, putting obstacles that complicate things or even proposing puzzles that will require some ingenuity on your part. According to how well you have done these missions, they will give a medal of a certain metal, which will leave the door open to improve your results. Some of these missions, in addition, will open new tests, so you will have to make an effort, if you want to get everything out.

The levels are huge, being formed by several zones. Each of the levels will take you to different parts of the city, so they will be quite different from each other and will give a lot of variety. The introduction to each of these levels (there will be a total of ten in the game) will be done through a series of vignettes that will put you in situation and give advices and, after having loaded the screen, with a video very well done that will tell how you are doing things with a good dose of humor. In this sense, you must emphasize the presentation of the game, and that is as much as the cartoons (whose mission is to make us more enjoyable the loading times) as the videos are very careful and give great personality to the game.

If there is anything that can be said about de Blob, it's a tremendously positive game, which will put you in a good mood when you play the game. The first cause of this is, of course, the concept of coloring the city, is joined by jazz style music that will adapt to what happens on the screen (more you color the city, more animated it will become) . I have to say that the soundtrack is simply great and adapts completely to the style of the game, making feel even more, within the game.

de Blob is a game aimed at all types of audiences, something that helps it's simple mechanics. As I mentioned before, it's a very easy game to play with a very simple mechanics. The game itself is quite simple, partly because of its missions, that until well advanced the game doesn't pose a real challenge to the player, being a mere procedure to perform them correctly. Perhaps this is bad news for certain players who are looking for a higher level of challenge in the games, but the title seeks to offer another type of experience, a more relaxing one. Something that shows this lack of challenge or pressure for the player, is the time limit of each of the phases in the main mode, which at no time will be the slightest problem (the time will increase as you successfully meet certain objectives) and it will only be something that you have to take into account slightly.

But this main mode will not be the only one. The other great star for a player will be the free mode, which will be available as you overcome the levels of the story mode. In this mode, you can freely go through the levels, without enemies and without a time limit, so that you can unleash your creativity without having to worry about anything else than combining colors and redecorating the city.

Graphics & Design

Although the game doesn't stand out because of it's graphic section, it has to be said that it does quite well. It's true that the game is quite simple, with a somewhat limited geometry and somewhat limited textures. Even so the game is quite solid, and its simplicity doesn't clash with the spirit of the game, although it's true that there are aspects that can be improved. The design of the characters is quite simple, being mostly little detailed. Removing the protagonist and the rest of his fellow rebels, the rest of the characters, like the inhabitants or the enemies, will have little variety, repeating continuously.

On the other hand, the scenarios have a large size, although they aren't technical boasting, with fairly square buildings and little detail, although one detail in their favor is that despite their size, you will not find loading times. In addition, you must comment that the difference between the city in black and white (cold and rather dull) with the restored city, which is filled with animated elements and characters here and there, is very well captured.

The sound section, as i mentioned before, is a delight that will accompany you during the adventure a thousand wonders. You will have different types of melodies that will adapt perfectly to what you do and that at no time will go unnoticed thanks to it's quality. Without a doubt it is one of the factors that most help to convey the feeling of well-being that the game produces.


de Blob is not a conventional title, so it may not like those who seek a more typical game. What the game offer, is letting you take the color of the world, relaxing with experience. It will not be a big challenge for you, but it does offer a very interesting experience for everyone, since its simplicity makes it accessible to all kinds of audiences. It's true that the game has flaws, such as the small variety of situations or control problems, but certainly the positivity that follows will put you in a good mood after a game, so it's a very interesting proposal for those looking for a proposal quieter alternative.


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