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God of Light: Remastered Review

In God of Light; Remastered, the darkness floods everything and you have to return the light to the universe. If you are afraid of the darkness don't worry, you will not be alone; Shiny will accompany you throughout the adventure. This character has a unique ability to project light through darkness, you must direct their energy rays to reach the various sources of light found in the puzzles and thus activate them to gradually re-illuminate this fantastic world .


Playmous and EON Games invite you to travel in six different worlds with a total of 150 levels in which you can go recovering the light through prisms, black holes and mirrors, each world has 25 levels, which can take you about 1 hour each world, depending on your ability and your speed when solving the different puzzles offered by the game, knowing this data, the game can offer a total of 5-6 hours of game


The first levels are part of a tutorial. The first step is to press Shiny to wake him up and emit a beam of light.

Once done, the level begins. In each level there is a main objective that is to make the beam of light, reach the source of life and another secondary that is to go through all the stones that you find in the level. When you start a level everything is immersed in darkness and the elements that make up the level or its position are unknown. Therefore, one of the first steps after awakening Shiny, is to move the beam of light to know part of the elements that have the level.

In the first levels, in the position of the stones, that many of the elements of the level are close to them. An interesting detail of the game is that the levels don't have a unique solution, that is, you can solve the level of different shapes that adjust the mirrors or prisms that you find.

The level ends when you illuminate the source of life and touch on it. To calculate the score, the number of stones illuminated by the Shiny beam is counted. Some levels of the game are complicated by the large number of elements you find. If you need help, you can use some small fireflies that are picked up when they are illuminated and that show for several seconds the distribution of the light beams that allow to overcome the level.

The puzzles are solved with basic elements such as mirrors or prisms and with concrete elements of each tree. If you find a stone barrier, you can overcome it passing through a magnifying glass beam, if you have an icy surface, you can use it to divert the beam and reach other points. In the game, you find at the moment 150 levels.

Graphics & Design

Despite the simplicity of the game, the graphics are so impressive and detailed that they arouse great curiosity. The first steps of God of Light are simple, but you want to know more; Will it complicate the thing later? Why is everything sunk in darkness? Are you helping someone in particular? All this mystery is given thanks to the meticulous world created by the guys from Playmous and EON Games.

The added value of God of Light is that Unkle has composed its soundtrack exclusively. The aesthetics of the game fits perfectly with the electronics of this British group. A winning combination without a doubt.


God of Light is a puzzle game that uses Shiny's beam of light (a small sun) as the guiding thread to solve the levels. The first puzzles are simple but the thing gets complicated little by little until you have to dedicate time to solve each of the levels. To solve the levels, you have typical elements such as mirrors, prisms or magnifying glasses and others not so typical as black holes, teletransporters or ice surfaces. The levels don't have a single solution but rather they can illuminate the source of life in different ways. The only goal is to illuminate all the stones and enjoy the game.


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