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Road Rage Review

There are good, bad and games, there always have been and always will be. But believe me, that with Road Rage, the new creation of Team 6, it almost opens a new category: the horrible games. I feel tremendous respect for any worker, whatever the specialty, and more so if it is related to this sector. But not to say that this new production Xbox One is deficient in all it's aspects would be lying.


Within the game, we will find a total of 7 sections within a relatively large map, a total of 40 missions in which we will finish around 4 or 5 hours, but you have many more missions in which you can use to earn more money and so, improve or buy new motorcycles, which will increase the hours to around 6 to 8 hours


To begin with, the story is anything but attractive. For reasons that are not clear at all, the fictitious city of Subtroit is plunged into utter chaos. Each of it's districts is taken by bands of bikers who steal and sow terror wherever they tread, and you have to deal with them over more than 40 different missions ... or so i believe.

Yes, because it's extremely confusing to discern which objectives are part of the main plot and which are secondary. And what should i do in each of them? Well, from participating in races against the clock or resistance to demonstrate the ability jumping or ending up with the adversaries. Whatever your task, the truth is that each mission is as boring as it lacks total interest, and that is due to the multiple playable defects and graphics that the title carries.

Road Rage is an arcade of motorcycles that tries without any fortune to imitate what is enjoyed in that great cult saga that is Road Rash. You are always uploaded to a motorcycle (there are several among which it is possible to choose and customize) and, also, you are armed with some type of forceful object (sticks, sticks, axes, etc.) to give wax to the opponents that go appearing.

On paper, it's a proposal that is at least suggestive, but it has been executed with a level of zero success in any area in which i look. To start somewhere, the control can not be simpler and bland. Accelerating, braking and hitting is the little you can do, actions as inaccurate as really crude. The physics of the bike is laughable even to be an arcade, the detection of the blows is pitiful and the design of the routes that you must go transiting lacks any grace. But there is more.

The collision system is a disaster of incredible proportions. So much so, that you have been able to see the pilots managed by the CPU through walls as if nothing. And to this is added a laughable and almost comical AI that ends up sinking any hint of fun.

Is there something worthwhile in this work? Well, it has a multiplayer mode for four both online and local, but it doesn't add anything. And, also, at least you have the possibility of touring a relatively large city that is structured by neighborhoods or districts. Of course, don't expect to discover or visualize anything especially attractive or beautiful because it is an incredibly humble production in that sense. So much so that is almost closer to a game two generations ago (without exaggeration) and not the most pointers just one for the current formats.

The city is bathed by a permanent layer of fog that hides (or tries to do it without much fortune) the exaggerated popping of any object that can be seen on the screen, be it a car, a tree, a building ... and little else, because without a doubt it is one of the most soulless cities that i remember. This obvious technical limitation would have a pass if to compensate its artistic section was striking, but it is not the case. It is an ugly game, gray and without any visual appeal. And almost better not to mention the animations of the characters, which are as simple as scarce and poorly made.

Graphics & Design

The sound doesn't improve much what was experienced in the previous section, although it's true that some melody that is heard over there is decent and the voice of the narrator is not bad ... and remembers greatly the same that i  enjoyed so many times in the Metal Gear saga of Snake (David Hayter). A mere anecdote


I'm not going to get mad because I do not intend to do it or waste your time. You should only know that it is one of the worst titles I've played in a long time. A pity that games like this arrive from time to time...

Always speaking with respect, but this is my humble opinion, about Road Rage.


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