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Ben 10 Review

It seems that it was yesterday when he burst onto the small screen of millions of homes across the planet, but it turns out that it's been a whopping twelve years since the birth of Ben 10. Since then, the character and his related series have not evolved much, although yes, it has been staged in terms of animation techniques. In 2016, Cartoon Network premiered the new series with a more casual tone and in this 2017, it's second season was broadcast, and it is on this last series that inspires the game that concerns me today.

Now, with the character in low hours, it seems that the children's television chain tries to revive the series at all costs with the facelift of the new series, with a new batch of merchandising products and, how could it be otherwise, with a new game that takes the title Ben 10. The show begins with the young protagonist going camping with his cousin Gwen and his grandfather Max. However, the excursion is not going to focus on toasting little marshmallows in the fire of a bonfire or going to bathe in a celestial lake, but they will have to deal with hordes of villains with dark intentions. And a little more interesting is the script, which only serves as a trigger and motor for Ben and his alien friends to move forward and not leave aside the fight against evil.


Ben 10 is almost as short as his name. In little more than three or four hours you can ventilate it, and independently of your ability at the controls, since as i mentioned earlier, it's difficulty is anecdotal. It consists of six levels that can be completed in a quarter of an hour each without hardly disheveled.

Yes, in each level there are 3 hidden collectibles and if you entertain yourself collecting energy to buy all the improvements, you will overcome the three or four hours mentioned until you reach six or seven, but not much further, i assure you.


You are facing an extreme linear game. You open your way through a deserted area in which you destroy some objects that give you energy that you can then use to buy improvements, then you arrive at the area where the enemies leave, the defeats, you advance and start again. It's worth noting that the mechanics of the games against the neighborhood are precisely this, only that here the problem is that the small variety of enemies, that evolve the controllable characters doesn't have a considerable playable impact and doesn't encourage a playable depth with combos of buttons that lead to more powerful attacks, for example.

Still, the game is fun, although it would have been much more if you gave the option of, at least, enjoy it with two simultaneous players, even if it was local. I know that fighting games are funnier if You play them cooperatively and here this option is much missed. Then there is it's difficulty, with a single predefined mode which doesn't give the slightest challenge to the player experienced in these games (and i believe that the rest either), perhaps not to frighten the potential audience of the game: children.

The most interesting part of it's gameplay is that you can start turning Ben 10 into the alien Fourarms and as you progress, you will unlock the other nine aliens, each with it's own peculiarities and abilities. For example, XLR8 boasts it's super speed, Wildvine can climb or Diamondhead can raise platforms that will give you access to new areas. Learning to combine them is key and it is advisable to go alternately to see the special attack of each one, which is executed with the RT when you have the energy bar full, with which you eliminate all the characters from the screen in a stroke with spectacular moves and sense of humor.

Graphics & Design

Everything, characters and environment, shines with a vividness and a dazzling color palette, and finishes off the job with a cell shading finish that gets you fully into the animation series. However there is a screeching hue. It's about shading and textures. They lack a little more work and this affects that, especially in the cinematic and the faces of the characters, you see everything too flat and almost without relief. Apart from this, only some saw teeth, also in the sequences of transition, will make an appearance but without becoming so accused as to tear the garments.

A sound level incorporates the same musical pieces that can be heard in the series, as well as the effects are strong and accompany the action perfectly.

The important handicap in this section are the bugs, which don't occur too often but when they do they spoil the game and force you to restart the level where you have run into such blissful failures. One of them is that the character floats when jumping or when going down a slope, staying in the air and blocking the camera, with what you can only move in a small area and without being able to move forward. And the other thing that happened twice was that all of your character's attacks did not cause an impact on the enemies or theirs on you, so advancing to the next area also became completely impossible.


Taking into account that we are talking about a game that is close to thirty dollars in price, i expected much more, so much at the technical level, as in the playable and especially in it's duration. Recently i have seen releases within this same genre, such as the remarkable Bloody Zombies, with a much deeper, gameplay, long and attractive content than the one you and me are dealing with.

Ben 10 will not recover the lost fame with this game, which has become a product relegated almost to hardcore fans of the character and for lovers of punching games. Nor will it's price contribute to reaching as many players as possible. Still, it's not a bad game and it has it's charm, so if it catches your attention it can be a good acquisition if you drop in some of the weekly offers of the store.


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