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Assault Android Cactus Review

The genre of double-stick shooters began to become popular when the console controls were just that, a second stick, and since then, i can count on timeless classics like Geometry Wars and other simple games in approach, but irremediably addictive. Here is the case of Assault Android Cactus, which proposes a shooter of unbridled action at the controls of some androids the sea of ​​warriors.


To complement the main mode, which can take about 3-4 hours to complete, you will find a couple of additional modes that challenge you, to survival modes to see what you can resist without dying. In addition, there are some odd extra, some unlocked to overcome the campaign, how to play in the first person, an interesting addition that radically changes the perception playable.


The plot doesn't go around the bush, a space frigate is suddenly invaded by a horde of murderous space robots, and a group of androids skilled in the noble art of killing, will come to the rescue to face such a threat. No twists of script nor convoluted plots, simply a numerous enemy that you must exterminate as if they were cockroaches.

In a linear way, you will unlock levels of short duration, just two or three minutes of game, in which you will face continuous waves of enemies in scenarios of small dimensions. Each scenario can have several obstacles or interactive elements that bring diversity to the subject, such as precipices, mobile walls, brittle floors, a scroll that pushes us to move forward without stopping, etc. In this regard, there are few equal levels, and the game always finds a way to innovate and surprise the player with new structural typologies that make readjust the combat strategy.

Before each level, you will select which android you launch into the ring, and you will have eight characters in total, although not all of them - they are all girls - will have them from the beginning, but you will have to unlock them as you advance in the game. The fun of the matter is that each of the androids has two weapons totally different from the others, which will directly influence the way you play and how to deal with the levels. On the one hand, they will have a main weapon of infinite ammunition that will be the main source of defense, while there will be a secondary weapon that is heated with use and needs a short cooling period before being reused in combat, although it makes up for it being extremely powerful and decisive in what situations.

The main weapon is getting better as you defeat enemies, since these release some plates that when you pick them up (something quite easy because if you are close and they come to you) they make the weapon more powerful, while other items that the enemies release are weapons extra, shields or speed. A relevant detail that marks the difficulty, especially in the final bosses, is that every time an item appears it's something random, so for a boss who has, for example, a fast attack pattern in the third transformation, if in that moment they give the item of speed everything is much easier, if this fact doesn't happen, you will suffer much more than if you were equipped with them. With everything, obviously, the game allows to start over, and in the end it is a matter of time that the desired situation occurs, but while you may have to repeat the game unnecessarily.

A relevant fact within the scheme of the game is the need that the androids have to endure based on having enough batteries to be able to continue functioning. This is not trivial, since over time you lose energy, especially when receiving blows to "make you lose a life", losing a good amount of time recovering, so you have to find energy again to overcome each phase (which by the way, are usually relatively short and especially very intense)

For example, the leading android, called Cactus -and which gives the game it's name- has an assault weapon that shoots bursts in a straight line, but will have companions who will have a triple-scattered shotgun, another with remote-controlled missiles, another with an ally bot that helps her attack, etc. During each level, enemies can drop small items that the character absorbs even at short distances, and that will increase the attack power of the main weapon, an improvement that is lost when starting a new level or dying during the current level. And speaking of dying, Assault Android Cactus has an atypical system to control the health, since the survival and guarantees of success are limited to your battery.

The difficulty of the title is growing and progressive, and can become a real challenge if you play alone. Luckily, you can participate up to four players cooperatively, which makes it a chaotic display of shots and visual effects.

Graphics & Design

Aesthetically it is quite nice, not only for the nice main characters, but also for the scenarios, which are also modifiable while you are shooting all kinds of shots on the screen, and for the models, you have as final enemies, giant robots with a lot of personality that it will cost you, more than you want to defeat them.

But where it ends up giving the do of breast is in the musical theme, created by Jeff van Dyck, a name that surely is not as familiar as other musicians known in the industry, but that being a musician from the same city where they are the rest of creators (Brisbane), has not had any problem in making a gap between delivery and delivery of Total War to get to write some very hot electronic topics, which make the games very animated.


Assault Android Cactus is therefore an arcade of pure strain, one of those accessible and direct games that you can start for games of just a few minutes, and that will always be well received in meetings of friends who seek fun and action in abundance. Lovers of classic action games will love it and enjoy it beautifully, while the rest, i recommend you take a look, because not everything in life needs convoluted arguments and complex game mechanics.

This game is an Xbox One X Enhanced title.


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