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Mystik Belle Review

Mystik Belle's story puts you in the shoes of Belle MacFae, a student at Hagmore College of Sorcery, who was practicing a spell of fire on the night she was startled by an unknown individual, causing the potion of the Walpurgis night to spoil. That is why you will have to go through all the places of the school (catacombs, laboratories, the forest ..) and face different enemies and bosses in order to fulfill your mission and that a tragedy doesn't occur.

 You are going to find a simple story but with pretty funny dialogues that will liven up the game. In addition, the game has two endings that will depend on obtaining all the parchments of arcane knowledge. It's not that the end differed much but it is worth getting them all to see a fairly epic combat.


Mystik Belle, has the serious error of being a game that if you know what to do in the game, it's too short, you even have an achievement of "Finish the game in 1 hour", and you can even end up in less, but it has an approximate duration of 1 hour, if you know what to do, but if it's not your case, the game will give you more hours


The combat system doesn't have much mystery and is that it is like in any platform. You can jump and kill the enemies with fireballs so that your experience bar increases and you rise in level. When you raise the level, you will increase the life bar as well as make the fire spell more powerful. Also in certain places. and fulfilling the requirements, when finishing with some "bosses" you will receive improvements like being able to shoot a lightning or the double jump.

The fights against the bosses are a bit special and that is that you have to find the weak point of the enemy, and make use of the skills that you have up to the moment of the boss. For example, use the double jump, shoot the lighting and hurt for a while ... It's important to catch the weak point soon and what is the easiest way to end it. All the battles can be overcome without much trouble and although you die, there is no problem, as you will appear before the battle of the boss. Of course, as a warning I have to tell you that if you die, you will lose all the experience you have accumulated so far. That doesn't mean you lose the levels achieved.

To be able to advance in Mystik Belle, you have to solve a series of orders that you will have to remember since these don't remain stored anywhere, and they don't give you any indication on the map where you need to go. These "orders", to call them in some way, are not complicated but they will make you go through the map, from end to end in search of the necessary objects to be able to continue.

As if this were not enough, you also have a limited inventory, so you have to be careful with what you take. In addition, sometimes some of these objects will not serve you at all and others will not serve you well advanced in your adventures. This partly makes the game more interesting since having an unlimited inventory would make the game complete in a very short time. Anyway to "facilitate" things, if you choose the easy difficulty, you will see some chests where you can keep the objects. Personally I recommend that the game is played in the hard difficult, because it will make you enjoy the game more.

Graphics & Design

Graphically, the game stands out for it's pixel art aesthetics but this can also be a negative point, because if you have a large screen, unless you get far enough from the screen, it will cost to read the letters of the game. In addition, sometimes the lighting of the scenarios costs a bit to see where you are and move. Maybe it would have been nice if they had added a functionality that would allow to change the resolution of the screen as well as adjustments of brightness and contrast to have achieved a better adaptation and that would have shone completely the artistic section

Despite this, it's undeniable that the art of the game is a wonder and is that both scenarios as the characters and enemies are very well and reflect perfectly the atmosphere or the feeling of being in a world of witchcraft, spells and supernatural creatures. You have enough variety, since you are going to have from a werewolf, a ninja,  the death and even Cthulhu.

Accompanying this peculiar style, you have a soundtrack that, despite being concise, encourages each one of the areas that you have to go through. So much so that some of them are catchy and you will end up humming them, when you least expect it (or at least that is what has happened in my case).


The arrival of Mystik Belle to consoles, gives you a good opportunity to play this title to all those who didn't on PC, but if you had done it then, it will not be worth it. The game ends up being fun and if you know what to do the game is going to make you short. If you want replayability, the game offers you the challenge of spending it in less than an hour, but you don't have much more.


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