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The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk Review

The games of the Point & Click genre are those kinds of games that don't have a large audience, but whoever follows them can be happy because of the infinity of games that there are about this genre. Some more difficult and others simpler to complete, but what is clear is that in all the player will have to think more than usual to complete the puzzles that this type of games propose.

And so is the title that i will analyze today, The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk, a Point & Click sequel to The Inner World and developed once again by Studio Fizbin, who propose a new challenge with Robert in Asposia.


This title can be completed between 8 and 10 hours depending on your ability to solve puzzles or if you don't use the help provided by the game, but if you are familiar of this type of games, or you play the first one, you should not have problems in solving this one.


In this sequel, you will have to once again handle Robert, the heir to the throne, accompanied by Peck, a pigeon somewhat tired but of faithful nature, and young Laura, a rebel nose-flute of which Robert is in love.

It all starts after three years, when Robert, thanks to Peck's help, is able to demolish and see what the kingdom has become. It will be your mission to find the wind monk, who will help you stop the evil Emil's feet and his plans to finish with all the Asposia nose-flutes.

A simple story but well done and that will hook you from start to finish, putting you in a position to fulfill a final goal through the many brittle puzzles that you will have to face.

During the game, you can change between Robert, Peck and Laura to solve all the problems that you will see throughout the game. And, of course, for those people who cost them more this type of games, the game itself has a section that will help to know what you have to do in each moment.

A fundamental part in this type of games, is the way in which the characters talk or how the in game texts are translated. Luckily, The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk fulfills it perfectly, since all the dialogues that you will find throughout the game, are expressed correctly and in a way that adds a certain humor to the tragic story they have to live the protagonists. A great point to keep in mind, since more than once, you can't not laughing at Robert's phrases among other much more charismatic characters.

During the course of the game to solve the different puzzles, you will mainly have to use objects that will be in your inventory, joining them with each other or giving them to other characters to perform certain actions. The inventory is added the skills of each of the protagonists: Robert can use the wind songs to modify one way or another the environment, Peck to be able to fly can reach places that none of the other two can't reach and Laura has more strength than any of the team.

You and I, as players, are in charge of knowing each moment which one of the three characters can be more beneficial to continue in the adventure for the Asposian world.

Graphics & Design

Following the line of his previous game, The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk has those graphic and sound sections very well carried out and that will know how to live up to what people expect. With sounds that stick very well with the world you are playing and with that graphic section with touches of a world that has fallen into chaos.

It's noteworthy that both sections have been improved compared to the first and that is something that everyone who played the first delivery will appreciate without hesitation.


The Inner World:The Last Wind Monk is another Point & Click graphic adventure that all those experts or even people who want to get into this genre have to try. Accompanying the protagonists Robert, Peck and Laura through the world of Asposia to find the last monk and end the evil Emil's plans.

And all this while we enjoy the beautiful scenery and the great sound section that will make us enjoy even more of this delivery. With a system of aid for those who fail to overcome any other puzzle, this game is a very cool add to any game library and a game forced to buy, if you are a fan of games of this genre


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