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99Vidas Review

With the help of the Brazilian studio QUByte Interactive, 99Vidas arrives, a videogame of the Beat 'em Up genre that, after its passage through PC, arrives at Xbox One with the intentions that you will crush the buttons of the control until you are tired, and enjoy of a tribute to the era of 8 and 16 bits with its careful graphic and sound. The title also has a multiplayer mode both local and online that helps recreate the feeling of playing again classic action games like Battletoads or Streets of Rage.


The gameplay of 99Vidas is quite satisfactory and varied thanks to the introduction of new enemies with its own attack style. In addition, the fact that each final boss offers a different challenge, the successful duration of the title is about 5 hours of approximate duration, which make you feel only signs of monotony or repetition.


With the plot of 99 lives its creators decided not to break the mind too much, at the start of the videogame they give you a little introduction that narrates how a powerful device called 99 lives has fallen into the hands of the forces of evil and your task will be to try to recover it, in summary accounts that is all that is told, serving as this merely as an excuse to be able to face the forces of evil, yes, in combats full of fun and that will make your enemies show what you are made of. The search for this artifact will take you through 6 phases with the character you have chosen, having at the beginning 4 available, each of them with an affinity towards an element of nature. As you progress in the adventure you can unlock more characters, thus increasing the initial number of 4 playable characters to 11 in total.

While the title is sold as a tribute to Beat 'em Up classics, this also has some more modern elements such as a combos system or a store in which to improve the skills of your character. As you go through the phases of the game you will get a number of points that you will have to invest carefully, either acquiring extra lives, improving the skills you already have or acquiring new ones. While the combat system may seem simple to hit with the X Button, kick with Y, jump with A and perform a special attack with B, as you improve the skills of your character, you can make more advanced attacks against enemies , winning the combat system a little more complexity.

In terms of difficulty the game offers four levels, three unlocked from the beginning and a fourth that will be available once you overcome the game on your difficulty "Elite". The second difficulty level (normal) of 99 Vidas adapts perfectly to an average player type, having some phases in which you will die a good number of times, but in the end it will be quite satisfactory to complete them. From then on the difficulty modes "Hard" and "Elite" present a greater challenge and will be liked by the old school players who wish a little more challenge. Something that should also be highlighted is that regardless of the level of difficulty chosen the video game does not have checkpoints during the game phases, so in case your lives are exhausted, you will have to start from the beginning the phase that you were facing, a decision in my opinion quite successful if you really wanted to pay tribute to how they were the old games. Additionally you can also unlock a survival mode in which you have to kill as many enemies as possible.

Graphics & Design

The beautiful visual section of 99Vidas, that mixed the era of 8 and 16 bits is one of the main attractions of the 6 phases with which the game has, each of these being located in different environments. The scenarios not only see the detail with which they were created, but also have small details that occur in the background that fills them with enough life. Apart from the beautiful scenarios that make up the main phases, the video game has two bonus phases of which although, i will not make spoilers, but i can tell you that they have a visual change that is quite entertaining. As you overcome the different phases, you will find new enemies, each with different designs and attack patterns, but where you see more creativity from the creators of 99Vidas is in the design of the final bosses, which are they make fun of the prototypical bosses that you could find in a video game from the Super Nintendo era.

As for the sound section, the videogame offers some melodies that, like its aesthetic section, will transport you to the years in which, when you were little, together with a friend, you spent an entire afternoon trying to defeat that final boss who cost so much. The melodies in 99Vidas, like the 16-bit classics, are quite animated and invite you not to stop even if you have a good time in the same phase. The videogame will be a joy for lovers of the retro and is that this has a lot of references to popular culture, especially the 80s and 90s, when the titles of the genre Beat 'em Up were in its maximum apogee. The constant winks and jokes to the videogame industry go from that for example at the beginning of the adventure mocks the title of this, that some characters change from a 16-bit style to an 8-bit or that the character himself comments having already seen an enemy.


The search for an artifact called 99Vidas is the perfect excuse for QUByte Interactive to make you enjoy an action adventure that together with it's addictive gameplay, an aesthetic that captures from the start and a soundtrack, that will make you remember the classics of the fourth generation of videogames make 99Vidas, a true tribute to the Beat 'em Up of the era of 16 bits.


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