Wednesday, August 6

NFL Head Coach 09 Q&A

This Q&A is from Josh Looman a producer for NFL Head Coach 09. The question are asked by the community. A lot of the question are good and the answers are very in depth and to the points. This Q&A makes me even more excited for the release of this game as I step away from the field and try something different than just playing with the players on the field as usual.

I think this game will be great if people give it a chance. I know some people won't even look at anything about this game. It may seem weird or boring to some in they aren't controlling the players themselves. I think there is more strategy involved playing Head Coach style. In Madden you could just stomp the computer every time even on the hardest difficulty. Head Coach, you actually have to "coach up" your players formulate a real game plan like a real coach.But I guess they will miss out on an experience Madden cannot provide. I'm actually more excited about this game more than Madden 09 this year. Anyone else picking up the 20th Anniversary Edition of Madden to play this game?

Oh yeah, the Q&A is here. It is too long to post on our site.


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