Sunday, August 10

XBLN Madden NFL 09 Review

Here is our first Video Review. Madden NFL 09 will be the first reviewed here on the site.

Madden NFL 09 Review by Deus Legend

Good Points:
Great Graphics
Commentary is back and it is 100x's better than the radio announcer
New tackling animations
Defensive Playbooks
Play Calling Menu
Madden Moments
Rivalry Games
Madden IQ & Virtual Trainer
Random Online Weather
EA Sports World Highlights

Bad Points:
Online Leagues options are weak
More space to upload highlights to EA Sports World
Superstar mode needs some Stardom
Collinsworth and Hammond are good but Madden would have been better
Presentation is still missing some things(Halftime/Post game shows, injuries, show cut scenes of coaches and players on sidelines

Things the will be patched soon:
Field Degradation


  1. lol good job Deus. Thanks for including the Seahawks and me! Can't wait to get the game now...


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