Friday, August 22

Madden 09, Stopping WR Direct Snap

As most of the hardcore Madden players know there is a deadly glitch infiltrating online games that EA still hasn't patched up. Its the WR Direct Snap Glitch, and it allows the offense to hike the ball directly to a WR. Well I will breakdown a strategy that can slow this glitch down, maybe won't stop it, but it will definitely slow it down.

Ex. Play - Corner Dogs Man

1. Blitz both outside corners.
2. Safeties are in man on the receivers.
4. Use press coverage
5. Playmaker each DE to cover the flats, this covers the slot receiver.
6. Finally, use the MLB and watch the middle.

You can really pick any play and just set it up using these guidelines, but picking a play like Corner Dogs Man takes less steps. Hope this helps.


  1. Thanks JRC. I will try these things if someone tries to do this on me again.

  2. yeah thanks JRC. but honestly, who's testing these games?? it's a shame how many people have to use these glitches because they suck so bad at the game it's the only way they can win. and when they don't win, they'll just quit.

  3. No problem fellas.


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