Friday, August 22

Around the Hawk: Guitar Hero World Tour

Part 1 of 3 for Create-a-Song.

Part 2 of 3 for Create-a-Song.

Part 3 of 3 for Create-a-Song.


Guitar Hero World Tour new trailer.

This game is really starting to interest me, and it just might top Rock Band 2. I think it'll be a pretty close race between the two games, but together you will be playing with family and friends for many months to come. The create-a-song feature for Guitar Hero looks very in-depth and somewhat complicated for first time users as the videos showed, but with a little practice at this game mode it will add so much replay value to this game. I really hope we can use the Rock Band instruments, or at least the Rock Band drums in Guitar Hero for those of us that don't want to buy a whole new set of "instruments." Hope these videos pump you up for the October release of Guitar Hero: World Tour!


  1. World Tour by far has a better soundtrack than Rock Band 2 and its barely half way revealed. IDK, I think I might have to pass on Rock Band 2.

  2. bull, there's no way you can just "pass" on Rock Band 2. Get both


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