Wednesday, August 27

Around the Hawk: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Impressions

This highlight was a just a chip in, nothing special. I'll try to put more highlights on America's Game if they occur. Yes, that is my created golfer, who resembles me very closely I think, and I'm left handed.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 is a pretty solid game. I rented it, like most games that I play. So far, it's been really fun with a lot of replay value because there's so many different things that you can do in the game. After you finish creating your player, either with the game face using your camera, or just creating him from scratch, you can do a variety of different things. Actually, you don't even need to create a play if you don't want, but I think that makes this game what it is, since it has the greatest create-a-player feature in my opinion.

With your golfer, you can set out on the PGA Tour, you can step into the Tiger Challenge and do a variety of different skilled golf events, which leads up to taking on a golfer. The biggest "boss" golfer of course is Tiger Woods himself in an 18 hole showdown, which always proves to be the hardest, testing your patience to the maximum! You can tune up your skills with the help of the reliable coach Hank Haney. You can go online, which is much improved this year thanks to the all new Simultaneous Gameplay feature which really speeds up the game and takes away most of the lag.

The feature that I find to be the most fun is the EA GamerNet. While you're playing in an offline game, you will see at random times a little ticker on the course that says "EA GamerNet." At the top of the screen a message will appear displaying the person's gamertag who posted this highlight. This provides from a variety of different shots for you to try to perform and outdo the gamer who uploaded this highlight. Whether it's a long drive you can try to beat, an amazing hole in one, a nice chip near or in the hole, or a long putt, at any given time these will pop up. If you do manage to conquer the gamer's highlight, you will receive a little message showing how many EA GamerNet Points you've just earned from beating this highlight, and then you can post this highlight onto EA GamerNet for somebody else now to try to beat. The highlight stays on there for 15 minutes for somebody to beat. So far, nobody has broken one of mine, but that's probably because not too many have this game yet.

This game is a solid rental for any casual gamer out there, and for you hard core golf fans out there, this could be the ideal game for you. Thanks for checking in, this is Jerhawk reporting.


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