Wednesday, August 13

America's Game: The Jerhawk Chronicles

This highlight was in a game between me (Seahawks) and Deus Legend (Falcons). I handed it off to Julius Jones on a stretch play, and broke it for the longest run either of us have seen on this game so far. I thought it was pretty sweet, Deus wasn't too happy though with the broken tackle in the backfield...

Deus Legend's Take: Its not sweet when a 300 pound line man glitches through a half back thats probably barely 200 pounds. How can he break a tackle like that right while he's securing the hand off? This should not be an America's Game Highlight. Glitches aren't allowed on America's Game.


  1. i've seen plays like this all the time Deus. just because it happened against you it can't be allowed? come on now

  2. Julius Jones is just a great running back, what can i say? he overpowered your defensive end, i don't see how you think it's a glitch, but what do i know??

  3. You know nothing. Anyone that says Julius Jones is good have a glitch in their head. :Enter NYYDallasCuse:

  4. And I bet anything you've never seen plays like that in real life. ANd it can't be allowed because its a glitch. This hurts the integrity of America's Game. If I wanted a glitch show, I would have made that instead of "Legit" and realistic action. I looked at that replay after we played that game and half my guys arm was through Jones. I've some glitches against you and others, have I posted those? NO! DO you see anyone else posting glitch plays? NO! Plays like this are not allowed. Period.


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