Saturday, August 2

America's Game: The Jerhawk Chronicles

Well, I had an epic battle against the CPU, which is kind of weird I guess. I was Oregon, the CPU was USC in our online dynasty. Since Invizible Angel didn't want to play the game, the game was sent to the hands of the computer. This is what went down...

This first highlight above was a user pick for six. Pretty sweet I guess...

Third quarter, I throw it deep to the front corner of the endzone which resulted in a nice TD

This highlight doesn't look very interesting, I know. But it was the magnitude of the highlight in the game itself that caused me to upload it. With :24 left, I scrambled this puppy in for a TD. It gave me the lead 38-35, with me about to kick it off to the CPU now with only :16 left...

The CPU got the ball down to where they kicked the field goal. He kicked it with only :01 left, and this nearly gave me a heart attack. Probably the most excitting game I've ever played against the CPU.


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