Friday, August 15

First Madden NFL 09 Patch Out Today

The list of what was addressed in this patch can be found below.

1. Changed default quarter length of online leagues to 5 minutes.
2. Solved a very rare stability issue that occurred when using a couple of playbooks.
3. Eliminated a button mashing glitch during high latency online games.
4. Eliminated a stability issue that sometimes occurred while viewing the player HUB in online leagues.
5. Fixed a tricky disc eject glitch that occurred at specific points of online games.
6. Kick Return Tuning - made improvements to help reduce frequent long kick returns.
7. Safety Tuning - eliminated issue where safeties in deep zone coverage would sometimes not react to a run to their side.
8. The game skill slider for interceptions was tuned to amplify it’s affect.


  1. Can't believe the WR Direct Snap glitch wasn't addressed.

  2. I've never heard of an issue like that or any plays that use WR Direct Snap. But I wouldnt doubt that its a problem.


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