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IT'S JERHAWK... Get it right!!! :

Big feet or not, don't forget to tip your local 18 year old, "condescending", grocery bagger. Gamer since the young age of five, i recently interviewed Jerhawk, for our first installment of Network Spotlight. Don't judge him (or me). Here is what he had to say...

*So how long have you been gaming?*
I started playing video games when I was about five. My dad bought me a Sega Genesis. I only played one game because I didn't think that the cartridge could be removed, and that game was Lion King. So fun! I then upgraded to an N64, then Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Gamecube, now an Xbox 360.

*You have the 360...*
I only own the Xbox 360. I traded in past consoles and gave the Genesis to Goodwill. I hope it's not going to be worth a whole bunch in the future!

*So stinkin' generous, and cute, and I mean that. Which games are you currently addicted to?*
I love Rock Band, Skate and Madden. I play WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 quite often, but too many people quit and end the game, which makes it not so fun.

*Yea, nobody likes a quitter. What future games are you looking forward to?*
I can't wait for Rock Band 2! I pre-ordered it at my Gamestop. Looking forward to Saints Row 2, Midnight Club L.A., Fallout 3, Guitar Hero World Tour and Smackdown vs. Raw 2009.

*Can't wait to play RB2 with you. What bands/songs would you like to see downloadable?*
The Beatles, Wolfmother and Cake I'll listen to pretty much anything except for Opera, Country, Death Metal or Gangster Rap. I love Rock, Classic Rock, some metal and Alternative

*So I want to know. When you play games do you usually play for achievements or fun?*
Yea, I'll try to get an achievement every now and then, but I don't take them too seriously. I know I have a high gamerscore, and most of the achievements were just by accident. I usually rent most of the games that I've played and pick up about a hundred per game, but I try not to sound like a nerd so... but achievements are fun to get

*For those nerds out there who enjoy achievements, which game have you achieved the most?*
I got 1000 gamerscore in Need for Speed Most Wanted and Fight Night Round 3. Those ones were pretty easy I guess since they were worth so much and there weren't a whole lot of achievements for the launch or near launch games.

*What is the meaning behind your gamertag?*
It means Jeremy Seahawks put in one word. It's amazing how many people will purposely (or accidentally) misread my name and called me Jerkoff. I don't get it...

*Damage their rep when they do cause that's just wrong. In fact, how is yours?*
82% Preferred 18% Avoided
Not really quite sure how that rep system really works, because I don't think that 18% of people that I've played have avoided me. I'm not that big of a jerk. I try to be nice to people, but some people need a serious attitude adjustment. I shouldn't let people over an online gaming community get me mad, but some people out their really know how to wrinkle my feathers.

*What are your interests outside of gaming with feather wrinklers?*
I have many interests outside of gaming. (he lies-ha) I love hanging out with my friends playing basketball, football, other sports... I work a lot bagging groceries and pushing in carts during this summer. I'm going to a community college this fall. I love watching football, especially the NFL. I'm a huge Seattle Seahawks fan. I love spending time with my family and just having fun.

*Ever been to any Seahawks games?*
I've been a fan of the Seahawks since I was about 7 or 8. I didn't even know what football was back then. I've been to two Seahawks games, one in the Kingdome and one at Qwest Field. Back when the Seahawks training camp used to be by where I live (I live in Spokane they used to train in Cheney, WA) I would go there during the summer and get right next to them. Matt Hasselbeck, coach Mike Holmgren and several other players would ask me how I'm doing! That just proved to me that even though there's millionaires and everyone looks up to them, they still cared enough to talk to their fans. That was awesome. No, I don't play for the Seahawks. I dream of it... maybe I could be their coach one day! Then we'll win the Super Bowl....
I have taken two tours of Qwest Field, the latest one a few weeks ago when we went to Seattle. It was a lot of fun. We got to walk down on the field and go in the press boxes. I even saw where John Madden sat during the game!

*You played the Madden demo right? What did you think?*
I can't wait for the game to come out. You can only play about 1:30 or so of the game, but it plays real smooth. It's a big improvement like always over the previous year, but there's still so much more they can put in the game.

*Shoe size for the ladies? (don't know what that has to do with anything)...
Clown size


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  1. lol thanks Kerken. I'm going to be a superstar in no time thanks to you!

  2. Good job Kerkie! Can't wait for RB2. should be some good stuff :)

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  3. Really like this idea. Wouldn't mind being in the spotlight myself.

  4. well JRC will be next in the spotlight.


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