Friday, March 27

Madden NFL 10 and NCAA 10 News+Screens

Single Digit Helmet #s
We have added the ability to center single digit #s on our helmets. Although a small touch, I know Steeler Nation (Including myself) will sleep well knowing Big Ben's helmet is accurate in the game.  Ian was happy that we have the Giants correctly emulating this as well.
Super Bowl Patches
Teams will wear Super Bowl patches on their jerseys for the big game, whether you are reliving Super Bowl XLIII or in year 30 of your franchise.
Custom Super Bowl Fields
Utilizing the same tech as NCAA for custom bowl endzones and field art, Madden NFL 10 features team specific end zones, midfield logos, and player boxes that are dynamically configured whether you are reliving Super Bowl XLIII, or in year 30 of your franchise.
Authentic player towels are in and fully animating, complete with Wilson and NFL Equipment logos. They can be assigned to any player, but can not be moved to the middle of the body (unfortunately due to major clipping issues that were occurring).
Referees on the Field
Unlike last-gen which only had 5, we were able to get all 7 referees in to Madden NFL 10 with AI and a full suite of avoidance (and collision) animations.
Chain Gang on the Sidelines
Because you see it on Sunday, the chain gang has been added back.  They dynamically move up and down the sideline giving clear indication of the first down spot and line of scrimmage.
Steelers Don't Wear Captains Patches
And they won't in our game either.  Same goes for the Cowboys.
Secondary Color Equipment
Each player will be tagged with the proper color gear.  Santonio Holmes wears yellow gloves, so expect him in yellow gloves.
Better Nameplates
Since Madden NFL 06, the letters on the back of the jerseys have all been somewhat squished to account for longer names like Houshmanzadeh.  This has been fixed with a new dynamic sizing algorithm, so all names now look correct.



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